Pastel Ombre: 3.1 Phillip Lim Inspired Nails! 3.1 Phillip Lim Spring 2012 RTW Collection

When I first seen Phillip Lim’s Spring 2012 RTW Collection I could not help but be inspired by the flirty and fun color palette.  Aside from the beautiful soft colors, I was mesmerized by the fluidity of the fabric.  Phillip Lim created such a stand out collection that was not only stunning in palette but made approachable by the easy-going and drapey silhouettes.  The relaxed and soft lines were a definite juxtaposition to the eye-popping colors.  What was even more bewitching about the colors were the selected combinations.  My by far favorite combination was the ensemble above.  Essie’s color polishes were a perfect choice in replicating this pastel ombre color combination.

Essie Nail Polish: Playmate (Purple), Action (Orange), Lapis of Luxury (Blue)

I specifically chose Essie’s Playmate (purple), Action, and Lapis of Luxury (blue).  I also decided to not turn this into a color blocking inspiration because the Phillip Lim ensemble was such a perfect pairing that the literal interpretation for the pastel color sequence was pure perfection.

See my manicure below:

I encourage you to not hold back on your inspiration and try out this pastel ombre color combination or any other set of colors that spark your creative juices! 

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