#CSMTravels: Hong Kong Street Style Fashion

Since my first trip to Hong Kong back in October of 2011 I’ve been enthralled by the vibrant and unique self expression of it’s residents.   Hong Kong street style fashion has a very distinct and indescribable fashion aesthetic that could never be fully described with words.  Their fun usage of prints, fabrics, and silhouettes is not only fashion forward but epitomize CSM’s fashion mantra, “Using fashion as armour to walk life’s runway…”

It’s literally taken me 2 years to gain the courage to test out my very limited photography skills and ever since I joined, ‘Team i-Phone’ I’ve transitioned into a self proclaimed i-Phone-ographer.  While I don’t have any plans of transitioning into a street style i-Phone-ographer any day soon, it was definitely such a thrill to move from in front of the camera to behind it.

Check out my Hong Kong street style snaps:

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