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Summer is officially coming to an end and like many of you I have a lot on the agenda for this long holiday weekend and they all center around a few of my favorite R’s: Rest & Relaxation.  There is no better way to kick off a weekend of rejuvenation then with a good fashion book.  After all how else are you suppose to fill up your time while your lounging on the beach catching some rays?

Stay travel chic with one of the best accessories this year with my round up of the Top 5 best fashion books for 2013:

Revenge Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger

1. Revenge Wears Prada, by Lauren Weisberger is the long awaited sequel to ‘The Devil wears Prada’ where, 10 years after having left Runway magazine, Andy and former colleague Emily have set up a successful weddings magazine, ‘The Plunge’. Though all looks to be going well, the past catches up with Andy following the return of Miranda. Every bit as sharp and glamorous as the first book, this sequel is a perfect poolside read.


Coco's Secret by Niamh Greene2. Coco’s Secret by Niamh Greene is the story of Coco Swan, an ordinary-looking small-town antiques dealer who discovers a vintage Chanel handbag in a box of worthless junk, and from that moment on Coco’s quiet world is turned upside down.  This is the perfect pairing for the day at the beach because let’s be honest Chanel in anything and it’s bound to be thrill ride.


C.Z. Guest- American Style Icon by Susanna Salk3. C. Z. Guest: American Style Icon, by Susanna Salk pays tribute to an often overlooked figure of enduring good taste, American style icon C.Z. Guest.  I truly believe that possessing great style and having an eye for it is an innate talent but what better way to teach yourself great style then to learn from one of America’s greatest style icons.


The Vogue Factor by Kirstie Clements4. The Vogue Factor, by Kirstie Clements is a autobiographical book which charts her rise from humble receptionist at Australian Vogue to editor, may be a fairy tale story but its a true one.  Totally inspiring for any girl who worships at the altar of fashion.   So while your body is rejuvenating why not work on reigniting that drive that keeps you tied into the fashion game.


Helena Rubinstein-The Woman Who Invented Beauty by Michele Fitoussi5. Helena Rubinstein: The Woman Who Invented Beauty, by Michele Fitoussi the rags to riches tale of a cosmetics giant, born into poverty in Poland, who became a feminist icon and the darling of an elite society.  Yes it’s 2013, but the struggles that this woman overcame in her time are still just as real for all women today as they were for Helena.  Draw inspiration and motivation to never give up and own your niche and stake claim in your place in whatever it is your little heart desires.  This is a definite must have!


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