Sunday Dinner Club: A foodie’s dream come true!

One of the most exciting perks of the Chicago food scene is that it’s always evolving and creating tantalizing concepts to always keep our taste buds craving more.  It’s most recent salivating innovation? The Sunday Dinner Club

Chefs Josh Kulp and Christine Cikowski are the founders behind this hidden gem that touts itself on being an underground restaurant that isn’t really underground or a restaurant and yes, it’s not always held on Sundays either.  The best way to describe the Sunday Dinner Club is that it’s an experience that resembles more of a dinner party because of the amazing locales that SDC hosts their dinners with the great city of Chicago as their backdrop.  The dinners are multi-course meals that feature the best of what is available at the city’s local farmers markets.  The chefs pride themselves on, “The food that we cook is the food we want to eat-seasonal, simple, clean but also refined, thoughtful and painstakingly handcrafted”. 

Now here’s where it gets really interesting, in order to participate in one of Chicago’s most unique foodie experiences you have to get a referral.  The idea behind the referral is to further enhance the SDC experience by ensuring that the environment that they create where the food, the cooks and the guests are all interconnected.  But no need to fret because I just happen to be on the mailing list and if you shoot me an email I would personally ensure that I send along a referral for you to join the Sunday Dinner Club (just as a reminder here’s my email

Now on to solving the issue of what to wear when attending one of SDC’s fabulous dinners.  The settings are always cozy and exude the feeling of having dinner at home (but naturally it’s the dream home we all fantasize and pin about on Pinterest) so draw some outfit inspiration that would be perfect no matter which dinner it is you choose!



P.S. Check out some of the mouth watering dishes that have been served at past SDC dinners:

photo (65) photo (57) photo (61) photo (62) photo (59) photo (58)

*Photo Credit: Sunday Dinner Club’s Instagram 

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