Revolution Brewing: Craft Beer + Gourmet Eats? Score!

Anyone else’s favorite day of the week Friday or is it just me?  Wait that was a silly question, everyone counts down the work week to this blessed day of the week.  Sorry, momentary lapse of judgement-it’s been a super long week.  Here’s a better question, who else celebrates the arrival of Friday planning out their weekend brunch plans?

Just in case you forgot or didn’t realize it the sole reason why I introduced Fashionable Dining to CSM is because I’m a serial bruncher and it’s my most prided talent.  Still no update yet on whether brunchin’ will be introduced as an Olympic sport so in the mean time let me introduce you to my go-to neighborhood brunch gem, Revolution Brewing.

Revolution Brewing is Chicago’s new hometown craft brewery.  The growth of craft breweries in the U.S. has been nothing short of a revolution, and this stand out Chicago gem is proud to be standing tall in this new crowd. The changing tastes of beer drinkers demand bigger flavors and more variety.  Alongside the variety of craft beers is the mouth watering and tantalizing food menu that pair perfectly in complementing their great selection of brews.

The setting of this brewpub features barrel wood walls & benches that are made from 100-year old beams salvaged during construction and immediately give the  space a warm and cozy vibe.   I know what your thinking, “What do I wear?”  Don’t fret, I got you covered.  Draw some outfit inspiration from key Fall/Winter trends I’ve pulled together for you:

P.S. Here’s what my husband and I had just the other day for brunch at Revolution Brewing to give you an idea of the amazing rollercoater ride your taste buds are in for:

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