Pre-Fall 2014: Gauchos Make A Comeback

Gauchos-Pre Fall 2014

  • Who’s the Designer: Pictured above from left to right-Proenza Schouler, Alexander Wang, and Rebecca Taylor. 
  • Why it’s relevant:  Every few seasons, it seems like some “new” silhouette catches on and it’s usually a silhouette/shape from another era that hasn’t been popular for years.  At first glance, it appears to be totally wrong and extremely outdated.  Then the magic happens and you adjust your eyes and all you want to do is wear this newly updated silhouette/shape (let’s not forget about the mandal/teva/birkenstock footwear shape that defined the summer of 2013).  For fall we’ve been pulling out our full midi skirts and giving our trousers some rest, so now this gaucho trend is giving us a hybrid those who just can’t seem to make the full conversion over to the full midi skirt.
  • Where to wear it: Everywhere! The versatility of this hybrid’s shape allow you so much flexibility so don’t be afraid of the possibilities this shape provides.  Go forth and conquer the wide and short of it!


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