How to Shop Spring’s Key Trends: Camo

Carven Camo

Taking a nod from Carven’s Spring/Summer 2014 RTW collection, one of the most significant prints for spring will be camo.  This print can be fairly tricky to incorporate due to it’s widely known historical association of being linked to the armed forces.  The secret to incorporate this print in a seamless and high fashion approach is to stay far, far, far away from the traditional camo palette.

Camo palettes that are more colorful and bright will instantly soften this masculine print.  Next, choose pieces that are in a feminine silhouette such as a svelte and sleek dress, a midi skirt, etc.  Structured and boxy silhouettes will only enhance this masculine print so stay clear of these shapes.  Lastly, prints that layer in camo and aren’t straight forward camo prints give this print a new spring face lift and makes for a fun fresher.

Check out my Top 3 picks for incorporating camo this spring:





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