Melody Ehsani: Designing to Upset the Equilibrium

Melody Ehsani Board

  • Who’s the designer:  Melody Ehsani
  • What’s the inspiration:  Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA in a traditional Persian family this trailblazer bucked what was defined as her norm to follow her passion and what she believes is her “divine blueprint”.  Ehsani defines her style and her design purpose as being “inspired by paradox, controversy, justice and pushing the envelope in showing that you truly cant judge a book by its cover.”  
  • Why it’s relevant: Revitalize your spring wardrobe with a big dose of sporty meets feminist chic.  As I continue to evolve and redefine my style evolution it is such a breath of fresh air to discover an amazing up and coming talent that is designing with a message.  Her collection and pieces are carefully thought out and all resonate the idea of honoring her design blueprint by introducing to the world new patterns of behavior and equality for all women in the future.   Her deeply rooted cultural identity is very important to her designs in that she is always working to change the notion that a woman’s value and status are determined by her marriage.  Ehsani designs to aide women in resolving these kinds of paradoxes.
  • Where to  buy & wear it: In Ehsani’s own words, ” I design to upset the equilibrium” so with that in mind wear every single piece from her collection with a little edge and attitude because life’s a runway so you betta werk!  (P.S. Get your spring wardrobe Ehasni-fied here)



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