#WWAW: The Weekend Uniform

One of the biggest highlights of my week is living for waking up leisurely on Saturday morning and lounging around for most of the morning until the clock strikes noon to signal it’s time to get my day started.  While many will argue that I’ve wasted away most of my Saturday sitting around in my pj’s enjoying a bottomless cup of bullet proof coffee (more on what this is in a later post) I embrace this as my time of reflection, meditation and most importantly decompressing from the long work week.  I usually also follow that up with a middle finger salute because seriously, my pj’s and coffee are heavenly in those morning hours.

Once I start the weekend I live in my staple weekend uniform: a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers.  This spring/summer is the year of the flat pack so I’ve added new silhouettes to my sneaker game with fun slip-ons.  The comfy tee section of my closet has gotten a few new friends with the addition of crops-seriously I would have never thought I’d be crop’in it for the win this spring/summer but they have become my favorite silhouette.

What’s the Inspiration:  The best pairing for an Edgy, Comfy, Chic weekend uniform?  Laughs, lots & lots of laughing!  One of the biggest agenda items for me on the weekend is to have a great time and throw caution to the wind and enjoy life-dare I say it YOLO? I had so many hilarious outtakes from this shoot I decided to let you in on just how hilariously fun shooting me with really is (while I’m not sure if my photographer would agree but hey as long as you have a great time who cares right?)  Enjoy!


Why it’s Relevant:  My weekend uniform hits all of Spring’s biggest trends while not being literal.  My crop is definitely a comfy crop tee in that the length isn’t super short where it might not be appropriate to where dining out with the parentals for brunch.  The trick I’ve found really handy in wearing crops is to pair with a bottom that is high-waisted.  This immediately upgrades your crop to becoming a chic nod to the trend.  The perfect accessory to pull this entire look together?  My holographic slip-on sneakers.


Where to Wear it:  Everywhere!  This weekend uniform formula is what gets me through brunch with parentals, to day drinking my girls in the afternoon to a fun night out with my hubs to end a eventful Saturday.  This is also the perfect uniform to get you through food/music/art festivals that are literally right around the corner.



What I’m wearing:  ASOS Crop T-shirt/ASOS Ridley Jeans/ ASOS Holographic Slip-ons/ Givenchy Pandora Handbag/ ASOS Mirorred Sunnies





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