Native American Fashion Redefined


  • Who’s the Designer:  Bethany Yellowtail
  • What’s the Inspiration:   Bethany Yellowtail draws deep motivation and inspiration from the ancestral roots of her Apsáalooke people.  Her rich Native American heritage has been given new life through her unique approach to re-telling their rich cultural stories through the element of textiles.  What’s even more unique is her genuine sincerity to ensure that the voices of her ancestors are authentically represented in her indigenous designs. 
  • Why it’s relevant:  Yellowtail holds a very important and powerful role in aiding to give a voice to a culture that has suffered years of countless cultural appropriation.  The fact that individuals believe that its appropriate to wear a warbonnet as the “key accessory” for Coachella or the Governor’s Ball speaks to how ingrained we are as a society in oppressive stereotypes.  It’s one thing to draw creative inspiration but it is quite another thing to misrepresent a sacred aspect of a culture and re-package it as ‘style’ or ‘fashion’.  As consumers it’s our duty to do our due diligence to ensure that the fashions that we purchase are not in support of degrading cultures.  Bethany Yellowtail explains this so poignantly: “An honoring of refined beauty, a celebration of culture, and a journey of self-exploration: these are the pillars that define the experience of storytelling through fashion”
  • Where to wear it:  EVERYWHERE.  In case you missed that, everywhere and everyday to everything.  Yellowtail’s rich designs come to life through her vibrant color palette and masterful use of prints that define the beauty of her cultural celebration. (shop b.YELLOWTAIL here)


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