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[Chicago Beauty] The Verdict’s in on Posh’aah Nail Spa!

Posh’aah Nail Spa Owner Makeda Moore

I’m no newbie to a nail salon/spa and I’m always on the hunt for any new and innovative nail art & nail treaments.  So when I was extended the opportunity to go and experience Chicago’s newest nail spa experience Posh’aah Nail Spa I couldn’t resist .

Posh’aah definitely embodied every essence of their motto, “We do what we love, it’s just that simple.” From the minute I stepped into this modern contemporary styled open space I was immediately transformed into a state of relaxation.  After a thorough consult of what my nail needs were, my “Oh My Posh’aah!!” manicure & pedicure commenced. This process can only be described as “Ohh. Emm. Gee.” My hands & feet were treated to a coated sugar scrub and then topped off with a pink champagne “frosting” cream that was to die.  
Posh’aah prides themselves on staying on trend and offering what the new season’s colors currently are (i.e. The House of Posh’aah’s Colors of the Season), what the new nail treatments are (i.e. CDN ‘No-Chip’ Shellac), and nail care recommendations, etc.   I was thoroughly impressed by Makeda & her staff’s knowledge of new and innovative nail trends as well as forecasting what they personally believe will be the next big nail trends (look out for their new innovative service of Digital nails).  
For Makeda it was important for her to keep her approach to Nail Care, Treatments & Services simple and easy.  Not only do they take all of the guessing work out for you as to what colors & trends are in season for your nails, they offer a wide range of specialized services such as waxing and even nail treatments for children.  There were no details missed in that they also offer goat’s milk exfoliating soaps in the shape of cupcakes.
Needless to say, I had an amazing experience and will definitely be back! If you are looking for a new approach to your typical nail spa experience I would highly recommend giving Posh’aah a try.  
It’s definitely Chi-Style Maven approved 😉

Chanel: Rock-Embroidered Statement Brow!

Photo taken by Luca Cannonieri/

What was on Karl Lagerfeld’s mind as he was designing Chanel’s Fall 2012 line? Minerals! The pale, pebble-strewn landscape was spiked with towering crystal sculptures that called to mind a modern-day Planet Krypton—except that this being Planet Chanel, it was ruled not by Superman, but by an army of glittering, leggy Karl-ites with glittering eyebrows to match.

Peter Philips, Chanel’s creative director of make-up, said backstage “It was a sort of impression, with lots of blush and stones floating on the face. I wanted to translate it into something that would look great on the girls. Contemporary and a little bit military—a kind of strong textural element.” Philips set out on a mission to bring reality to Lagerfeld’s inspiration. He began dreaming of graphic arches made entirely of real, twinkling stones—but with 70 girls walking in the show, “I knew I didn’t have time to sit and (glue them on) one by one,” he said. Searching for a solution, he called his friends at Lesage—the storied French atelier now owned by Chanel and responsible for its legendary embroidery work. Together, they fashioned a pair of slim, rectangular fabric strips that could be pressed on with one simple gesture. “Each one has a base of organza that’s covered in hand-embroidered sequins,” he said.

Naturally, such statement pieces called for a well-prepped canvas. Before gluing them onto the skin with theatrical adhesive at a sharp, horizontal angle, Philips blended Chanel Mat Lumière foundation onto the skin for a soft, natural finish. “It’s very cold today so a lot of the girls are coming in with red noses and cheeks. We need to even them out,” he said. In the spirit of Lagerfeld’s original sketch, he used a generous swirl of a cool, unexpected mauve-ish taupe powder, (the shade: Notorious), due out next fall. “I’m using it to sculpt the cheekbones and also as a veil on the eyelids that disappears all the way into the hairline.”

That pale, slightly punkish color also turned up on the nails in the form of Frenzy—a lavender-taupe polish plucked from the fall collection, as well. “With the Chanel girl, there is always a bit of a twist.”, said Philips with a smile. 

I must say Mr. Philips, I wholeheartedly agree with you! Are you inspired to rock this statement brow?

*Some text taken from

[Chicago Beauty] Nail Art, Get in the Know!

Looking for a unique and different way to spice up your look? For many, the additional touch or flair that immediately comes to mind is a new fashion accessory or jewelry.  Here’s a hint for a definite unique and personal flair that absolutely no one else will have: Nail Art.  Nail Art is defined by Wikipedia as, “a creative activity that draws pictures or designs on the fingernails-it is a type of art”.  This is a definite understatement.  The world that is Nail Art is full of free expression, uninhibited creativity mixed with endless possibilities.
Because I know that many of you are like me and believe that fashion and style is a very personal reflection of one’s personality, I don’t believe in the “cookie-cutter” anything.  Yesterday I had the amazing opportunity to meet one of Chicago’s premier Nail Artist, Ashely Crowe aka AstroWifey.  My appointment started out with a consultation to assess what I was interested in.  Ashley took the time to find out what designs caught my eye, what creative details spoke to me, and overall what my personality & style consisted of in order to personalize and create Nail Art specifically for me.

While watching Ashley pimp out my nails I learned so much about this amazing young artist.  Only 22, she’s had her amazing works of art featured in a number of marketing campaigns, participated in stand-out fashion events all throughout the city (i.e. Topshop Olivia Palermo Event) and is now going to be featured in a Nail Art documentary alongside the icon Sophy Ronson.

Don’t snooze on AstroWifey Chicago!  In the meantime check out my AMAZEing nail art that I call “Tribal meets Rocker Chic”: