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NYFW: Ostwald Helgason Fall/Winter 2014

Ostwald Helgason Board

  • Who’s the Designer: Susanne Ostwald and Ingvar Helgason
  • What’s the Inspiration:  Ostwald & Helgason were inspired simply by art for their debut runway show.  Not just any art but serious art by the likes of Anselm Kiefer, Joseph Beuys, Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol.
  • Why it’s relevant: High shine, iridescent sculptural fabrications in leather,  warm fuzzy faux-fur, and mixed in with deconstructed elements like the slashed shoulders were all key elements to defining a street chic brand that effortlessly channels downtown cool.
  • Where to wear it: Such a great collection of separates that offer an upteen amount of options so don’t be afraid to do so.  This collection is definitely the downtown working girl’s uniform so treat your office hallways as your personal runway and grab drinks at happy hour afterwards!


NYFW: Creatures of the Wind Fall/Winter 2014

Creatures of the Wind Board

  • Who’s the Designer: Shane Gabier and Christopher Peters 
  • What’s the Inspiration:  The dynamic design duo cited that their collection was inspired by “easy Eastern dress and non-Western patternmaking.” 
  • Why it’s relevant: Impeccable tailoring synthesized with believable contrast pattern mixing is when fashion reaches a transcendent level.  The design genius of Gabier and Peters gave us all of this and more.
  • Where to wear it: Elegant and effortless is the picture perfect combination that any girl can really believe in so embrace the amazingness of this collection and wear these great looks anywhere and everywhere!


NYFW: Alexander Wang Fall/Winter 2014

Alexander Wang Board

  • Who’s the Designer: Alexander Wang
  • What’s the Inspiration:  Wang drew inspiration from the idea of “Extreme conditions and Survival” and made references in his collection to hunting, mountain climbing, and other outdoor sports.  While this all sounds very rustic in and outdoorsy Wang’s collection definitely had clear urban edge.
  • Why it’s relevant: Texture, texture, texture! Wang offered great texture and fabric in stunning pops of color but can we discuss the footwear?  I can’t wait to snag a pair of those knee high riding boots to get me through the polar vortex that is a Chicago winter.
  • Where to wear it: Aside from the obvious, everywhere! Wang is a city girl’s dream come true and this collection delivers in all major arenas: Edgy, Comfy, Chic!


NYFW: Altuzarra Fall/Winter 2014

Altuzarra Board

  • Who’s the Designer: Joseph Altuzarra
  • What’s the Inspiration:  Altuzarra showcased his 5 year in a row at New York Fashion Week and did so in such a refined and thoughtful approach.  This collection resonated an appealing simplicity to his clothes—less fashion, and more style.
  • Why it’s relevant: Yves Saint Laurent said it best, “Fashions fade, style is eternal” enough said.
  • Where to wear it: This collection sang beautifully soothing sweet nothings to my closet.  One of my on-going resolutions is to build an impeccable and defining closet that tells the story of my style evolution and the double-face navy cashmere wrap coat with generous cobalt blue shawl collar that opened the show sang the most beautiful aria about how it belonged in my closet.  Altuzarra’s collection is the defining “closet builder”.  Any piece would increase your wardrobe stock by ten-fold so do not  waste any more time looking, just start adding!


NYFW: Tadashi Shoji Fall/Winter 2014

Tadashi Shoji Board

  • Who’s the Designer: Tadashi Shoji
  • What’s the Inspiration:  “For the past couple of years, I’ve been moving west to east.  Now, I’m going from Africa to Europe,” said Tadashi Shoji of the geographical direction of his fall/winter 2014 collection.  The particular focus was Moorish architecture, which Shoji conveyed through expert fabric cutting and embroidery.
  • Why it’s relevant: Key trends that hit the fall runways were the color palette red, lace and capes.  Shoji hit each key element magnificently and one look in particular of a white floor length lace gown with the most opulent red and black floor length cape defined what we all should be wearing for fall 2014.
  • Where to wear it: Shoji’s entire fall collection will be worn to a gala, movie premiere, award show red carpet or heck to fabulous tea luncheon.  Shoji’s skillful ability to manipulate and transform fabrics enables his creations to transcend any event so throw caution to the wind and just wear it anywhere.



NYFW: Richard Chai Love Fall/Winter 2014

Richard Chai Love Board

  • Who’s the Designer: Richard Chai Love
  • What’s the Inspiration:  Texture.  Texture in a sense of the tactile effect on clothes.  What made Chai’s take on texture compelling was that he put some focus on its visual impact—for example, the way fuzzy mohair or Miyake-esque pleats could blur a print.
  • Why it’s relevant: Textured fabrications such as fur, leather, fringe, brocades, etc.  dominated the runways.  While these fabrications are nothing new to the fall/winter season it’s the new approach that these textures are are being utilized that is important.
  • Where to wear it: This collection was jam packed with great pieces for mixing and matching for a downtown cool look for the office if you work in a new start up or perfect for drinks at the hottest lounge in town.


Couture Week: Spring 2014 Red Carpet Picks

After last week’s Haute Couture Fashion week in Paris where designers showcased the most opulent and luxe fashions we can only dream about wearing for Spring 2014.

Armani Prive gives life back to old hollywood glamour by dazzling with Swarovski studded bodices, intricate cut-outs, and all while wearing head wrap tightly bound in crystals with.  Valentino were inspired by the age old tradition of opera and offered up an endless parade of pitch-perfect arias full of intricate beading and stunning embellishments.   Atelier Versace gives new life to the “the leg” with a plethora of new options in a refreshing new approach to draping by incorporating a masterful pleating detail that gives the illusion of a cinched waist and legs that go on for miles.

I’ve rounded up my top choices for gowns that I believe we will definitely see grace the biggest red carpet event of the year and be on every Oscars Red Carpet ‘best dressed’ list:

Valentino Board Atelier Versace Board Armani Prive Board


PFW: The Bold, The Artistic and The Legend


  • Who’s the Designer: In the order shown above (from L to R) Junya Watanabe, Comme des Garcons, and Vivienne Westwood
  • Why it’s relevant: These three designers have always, always danced to the beat of their own drums and for that the fashion industry rejoices.  While at the end of the day fashion month is all about portraying clothing for buyers to purchase and feature in their boutiques and specialty stores the upcoming season it’s so refreshing to see collections from designers that present fashion for the sake of fashion and nothing else.  These brilliant artists showcased new and innovative techniques that will no doubt be inspirations for future fashion week presentations to come.  Junya Watanabe was inspired simply by the idea of fringe as worn on Country Western fashion popularly adapted by Ralph Lauren and the idea of iconic Americana.  Watanabe drilled further into the exploration of fringe and explored it’s presence not only in Country Western wear but on beachwear.  This gave way to Watanabe infusing this fringe concept with masterfully draping and then the rest is history.  For Comme des Garcons, Rei Kawakubo allowed this collection to be the one where she would be pushing and testing the limits of her own fashion artistry skills.  Always wanting to do something new and something that hasn’t existed before, Kawakubo decided this season that the only way she could do this was by setting out not to make clothes. The designer wanted to see herself, not through her own fashion eyes, but through ones that were novice to it all.  There had been no garment fittings on models because these were objects to go beyond the body, to reformulate what fashion is to the designer. Vivienne Westwood drew inspiration from how ordinary people lived in the Middle Ages with a completely matter-of-fact belief in transfiguration.  What was truly inspiring about Westwood’s collection is that she is the only one create a collection so unbelievably random and occasional in its appeal that it actually re-created the experience of falling down the k-hole of the Internet.
  • Where to wear it: Pieces from either of these designer’s collections should be worn and celebrated every single day! Do note that these pieces are the definition of wearable art so they should only be worn if you have the right attitude and strut to match the stunning craftsmanship and vision these artists had for their pieces.  Now werk!



PFW: Gareth Pugh Spring/Summer 2014

Gareth Pugh board

  • Who’s the Designer: Gareth Pugh
  • What’s the inspiration: Pugh noted the influence of Gloria Swanson in ‘Sunset Boulevard’ and Julianne Moore in ‘Safe’—”I wanted the collection to be immaculate but hysteric somehow”.  The exaggerated makeup, designed for the early days of the silver screen, was combined with the almost nude, clear world of ‘Safe’.  
  • Why it’s relevant: Strong structural shapes in silhouettes, clean lines and the strong shift in colour palette for the ever-monochromatic Pugh.
  • Where to wear it: Gareth Pugh is synonymous with having a goth like cult following but with this collection he’s introduced color, a show girl style feather headdress and a softer shapes so that means only one thing: it’s not just for the lost goth souls of the world.  Pugh’s artistic nature coupled with his stunning craftsmanship should be worn and treasured as wearable art.  So if you are looking a killer statement piece for that hard to get into red carpet event or ball (i.e. the Met Gala) then this is your collection.  Pieces from this collection would have been so perfect for this past Met Gala’s punk fashion inspired red carpet.


PFW: Dries Van Noten Spring/Summer 2014

Dries Van Noten Board

  • Who’s the Designer: Dries Van Noten 
  • What’s the inspiration: This women’s collection was the inspired by the darkness of Spain’s influential artistic souls citing Goya, Velazquez and Zurbaran.      
  • Why it’s relevant: Details, details, details!  Dries redefines the idea of “plain and simple”.  Utilizing fabrications such as poplin, calico, natural linen paired with tulip damasks, jet black ruffles, Byzantine gold, Ottoman tassels, and intricate embroideries resulted in a cohesive fusion of rich and poor.
  • Where to wear it: All day everyday!  Your everyday look should have stunning touches of opulence. After all when you feel like you look like a million bucks, doesn’t any snag that comes up in the day seem like a piece of rich and decadent piece of red velvet cake?