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MFW: Prada Spring/Summer 2014

Prada Board

  • Who’s the Designer: Prada (Miuccia Prada)
  • What’s the inspiration: Miuccia drew inspiration from her heart’s true passion, political activism.  As a feminist it was no surprised that she focused in on feminism with a strong influence from the Riot Grrrls of the nineties.  Making a feminist statement, “I want to inspire women to struggle,” was what Miuccia said about her her collection after her show.  This strong declaration in light of the denigration of the very notion of feminism came across as radical.  Miuccia picked up on the tribalism of that concept.  The models were transformed into girl gangs (coded by hair color and graffitied eyelids).  The street/sport element of the collection also echoed a gang element.  The murals against which the show took place (multi-visions of womanhood) showcased the political street art of L.A., Mexico, and South America.  These same images from the murals were highlighted and used on the clothes and accessories.     
  • Why it’s relevant: This show alone is the pinnacle of what fashion is meant to do, make a statement.  It was so refreshing to see a departure away from the sheer trend that littered the NYFW & LFW runways.  Here Miuccia focuses on athle-leisure by giving us tube socks paired with her take on Tevas.  Yes, mandals are not going away any time soon and because of Miuccia I’m totally okay with it.
  • Where to wear it: Wear this everywhere and with everything.  This is a collection that is dedicated to empower, enlighten and encourage women to be the strong and amazing creatures that we are.  Seriously, what better way to declare ‘Girl Power’ than with stunning and thought provoking wearable art.


LFW: Erdem Spring/Summer 2014

Erdem Board

  • Who’s the Designer: Erdem (designer Erdem Moralioglu)
  • What’s the inspiration: As Erdem so poignantly describes in his own words he drew inspiration from the “rebels and jocks and nerds and boys who put their mothers’ couture dresses over their school shirts” of the English public schools. 
  • Why it’s relevant: This is Erdem’s departure from what he has created over the years as a very distinct feminine and ladylike aesthetic.  This collection he drew inspiration from the androgyny of youth and created a collection that perfectly catered to that with streamlined silhouettes such as pairing a beautifully embroidered sheer trousers with an organza dress and  jacket all in one monochrome palette.  Erdem follows suit along with other Londoners who see a athlet-leisure as the defining trend for Spring but naturally with in couture fabrics and workmanship.
  • Where to wear it: This collection is screaming to be worn by the likes of Rooney Mara, Taylor Momsen and Tavi Gevinson.  The pieces are definitely not for the faint of heart so wear these beautiful clothes everywhere but ensure that you put on Spears’  “Work Bitch” followed by Jones’  “Your Revolution” and fashion on!


LFW: Antonio Berardi Spring/Summer 2014


  • Who’s the Designer: Antonio Berardi
  • What’s the Inspiration: A casual and more unrestrictive  approach to dress, specifically in the designer’s own words:  “I wanted to use couture fabrics, but not in the context of couture. It was an idea of moving my woman forward and taking myself out of a safety zone, away from the things that I am known for.” 
  • Why it’s relevant: This is the first collection in which Berardi digressed from his signature formula of svelte, sexy bodycon dresses and introduced a whole new series of silhouettes and shapes.  The sheer trend is still very much present but again it’s utilized as an accent and not as the focal point.  This season Berardi focused on shapes with over-sized sweaters that featured balloon sleeves, asymmetrical leggy hemlines that were structured yet flowy, and all while offering up great mix-and-match options.
  • Where to wear it: Everywhere! If you have a tomboy aesthetic and have been dying to polish up your look this is your collection.  It’s the perfect clash of feminine loungewear chic.  Berardi’s collection is a mix-and-match of separates that you can instantly toughen up and just as easily soften.  Go crazy and have fun, afterall fashion isn’t meant to be taken too serious!


LFW: Temperley London Spring/Summer 2014

Temperley London

  • Who’s the Designer: Temperley London
  • What’s the Inspiration: Taking a holiday to the picturesque Mediterranean island of Sicily, Italy
  • Why it’s relevant: London continues the sheer trend but in a more sophisticated and feminine way by using this trend as an accent rather than a focus point in her looks.  Key silhouette & shape that London brings to the forefront is the trapeze.  She incorporates this beautifully with a new way to wear the bolero jacket that focused on sleeves that were structured but flowy at the same time.
  • Where to wear it: London definitely kept the words “marketability and versatility” in mind when designing this collection.  Not only does she provide her signature feminine cool options for her key clientele to wear while brunchin’ at an amazing cafe in Notting Hill she offers up options for new girls to join this cool clique.  Other looks in the collection can be worn on the red carpet to a spring wedding in Napa Valley.


NYFW: Son Jung Wan Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

Son Jung Wan

  • Who’s the Designer: Son Jung Wan 
  • What’s the Inspiration: Wan drew inspiration from Morocco and the romantic, picturesque sun-drenched Sahara Desert. 
  • Why it’s relevant: The neutral and subdued color palette with a focus on chalky whites with pops of color coupled with the strong silhouettes of asymmetric hemlines made this a stand out collection.   P.S. Dapper fellows, you should get all white-wasted for Spring.
  • Where to wear it: Spring time vacation to a beachy resort? Or taking a Mediterranean cruise?  These pieces should be in your luggage especially the all white jumper for the ladies and the all white suit for the fellas.


NYFW: Noon by Noor Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

Noon by Noor

  • Who’s the Designer: Noon by Noor (Shaikha Noor and Shaikha Haya)
  • What’s the Inspiration: The design duo were inspired by The Tree of Life, a 400 year old natural wonder in their home country, Bahrain.  The Tree of Life inspired the designers to look at the natural beauty in the world, thus incorporating floral and leaf prints into their collection, translating into elegant, beautiful pieces enhanced with lace panels, floral appliques and ornate embellishments.
  • Why it’s relevant: Silhouettes are key for Spring 2014 and Noor & Haya provide everything from voluminous jackets, leggy culottes, pencil skirts to flattering crop tops.
  • Where to wear it: Brunchin’ in style with the ladies, Garden afternoon tea or if you are attending a Spring wedding this is your go-to collection!


NYFW: Reem Acra Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

Reem Acra

  • Who’s the Designer:  Reem Acra 
  • What’s the Inspiration: The glitz, glamour, and energy of the international nightlife.  Think disco dancing in Rio de Janiero or partying in Morocco.
  • Why it’s relevant: Brilliant pattern mixing, subtle cut-outs and stunning sheer overlays were just a few of the highlighted trends that Acra reinforced here in her collection that I’ve been seeing littered all over the runways.  Also naturally of course was a stunning all white liquid deep v-neck lame dress that was just screaming to be worn on the red carpet by one of Acra’s A-list clientele (i.e. Halle Berry to be specific).
  • Where to wear it: Special night out on the town or THE red carpet event of the year?  You should be wearing one these stunning evening dresses or ball gowns!



NYFW: Ruffian Spring/Summer 2014 Collection


  • Who’s the Designer: Ruffian (Brian Wolk and Claude Morais)
  • What’s the Inspiration: “Ingénue,” as the collection is called, “focuses on the freshness and vulnerability of youth”.  The pair drew inspriation from Françoise Sagan’s novel ‘Bonjour Tristesse’ and the Jean Seberg movie about a young girl and her womanizing father. 
  • Why it’s relevant: This past spring season we seen an emergence of the print-tastic trend take a turn into an all-over print pant suit, short suit, etc.  Ruffian provides an chic and refreshingly youthful take on this trend for Spring by pairing their more subdued all-over print pant suits in a monochromatic palette that is popped by soft pastels.  Another big trend on the Spring runways that were echoed by this dynamic duo is the power of the mini (skirt that is).  So add this to the long list of body parts to tone and get into shape.
  • Where to wear it: For all of my working girls who are fashion risk takers this is your collection.  The youthful update is a perfect spring transition from the heavy and dark colors of fall.



NYFW: BCBG Max Azria Spring/Summer 2014 Collection


*Photo Credit:

  • Who’s the Designer: BCBG Max Azria (Lubov & Max Azria)
  • What’s the Inspiration: Focusing on traditional silhouettes such as the classic men’s shirt and deconstructing this silhouette and reconstructing the silhouette while focusing on tailored techniques.
  • Why it’s relevant: Menswear has become a very prominent and prevalent influence these last few seasons.  Here menswear influences are given a feminine touch through crop tops shapes, cut-outs and floral accents.
  • Where to wear it: Everywhere! The pieces are so versatile that you could channel a “casual chic” vibe at the office to “downtown cool” for happy hour drinks with your cohorts.



NYFW: Desigual Spring/Summer 2014 Collection


*Photo Credit: Desigual

Starting with this season and going forward I decided to establish a more streamlined approach to my fashion week recaps.  I’ll be giving you all a more direct highlight of each show that I attended at New York Fashion Week by answering the 4 W’s: Who, What, Where and most importantly Why.

  • Who’s the Designer: Desigual
  • What’s the Inspiration: Mediterranean Sunshine that embody the designer’s motto of  “La Vida es Chula, or Life is Cool”
  • Why it’s relevant: While prints have been a major trend these last few seasons it’s proving to becoming a staple but now elevated with print layering (i.e. graphics placed on top of a printed ground), monochromatic prints and placement prints.
  • Where to wear it: You will not go wrong wearing pieces from this collection on holiday to Miami or a girls trip to Las Vegas.