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Under Construction…Back in 2015!

Where to begin… First and foremost I owe you a majorly humongous apology.  I apologize for disappearing and going black on the site for the last two months and with no explanation or even a sign of life of when I would be back.  The move to Dallas, TX for work has been such a rewarding experience but has definitely had it’s fair share of bumps in the road.  Like 99% of the blogging world I have a “9 to 5” that consumes a large majority of my free time and with this new position, at a brand new company I’ve struggled a bit finding the right balance.  This beautiful space that I share will all of you here is one of my most treasured creations. While I wished I’d have reached this discovery much sooner than now, I’m just happy I’m finally in a great space to get back to being an active member of the CSM community.

In preparation for the new year I’m currently working on a few new exciting updates and a few changes to help make the CSM community a more fruitful experience.  I’m bursting at the seams with excitement but will hold it in until 2015.

So cheers to an amazing year but lets raise our flutes to many more runways that await us in the new year!  In the mean time get sneak peeks of what’s to come in 2015 for CSM by following me on IG, Twitter & FB xo

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Splurge vs. Save: The Everyday Sneaker!

One of the key footwear silhouettes that are an absolute must for your fall wardrobe is the everyday sneaker.  Not only is it the key component of  fall’s perfect combo, it’s going to be your go-to for channeling an effortless Edgy, Comfy, Chic.

The only question you should be asking  yourself is, Splurge vs. Save?

Splurge vs. Save-Everyday SneakersL to R: Marc by Marc Jacobs Sneakers ($300.00) vs. Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Sneakers ($50.00)


Splurge vs. Save: Your New Summer Layering Go To!

White will forever be a key color for summer so why not keep it fresh, crisp and new right?  This summer is all about the white out whether it be in a LWD or well constructed and structured blazer.   Because temps are rising and for the simple fact that it’s so not a cute look to be sweating up beads of perspiration due to the long sleeves of a blazer.   While I’m a total Stan for fashion & style I’m a bigger fan of functionality so my secret?  Keep the same clean, fresh and modern tailoring look by opting for a white long vest.  The key to picking the right white long vest is length.  The longer the better, so don’t be afraid to go long or go home.  Next, the silhouette you should be after falls along the same vein of giving a nod to the menswear trend so opt for a more loose, boxy boyfriend fit.

Now, the more important question: Splurge vs. Save?

White Vest Board

L to R: Rag & Bone ‘Ines’ Vest ($450.00) vs. ZARA Waistcoat ($60.00)




Splurge vs. Save: Because Dads Are Trendy…

Father’s Day is around the corner (no literally, it’s in a matter of days).  Finding the right gift for that amazing guy in your life can be a struggle.  Granted, my experience may be unique but I have a feeling that it’s not.  While my father is definitely what you would call you a “Man’s Man” he is a “Man’s Man” who appreciates clean lines and a dapper look.  Because I know my father I know sprinkles of trends to update his style are the perfect little gifts.  One great trend for spring/summer is the update to the flat sandal.  Although Tevas and Birkenstocks are having a moment, the ideal sprinkle for this trend update for my dapper dad is a clean, sleek, leather sandal update.

So the question of the day is, Splurge vs. Save?

Dad Sandals

L to R: Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Multi-Strap Leather Sandals ($680.00) vs. Jerusalem Sandals Golan Leather Sandal ($79.00)



Splurge vs. Save: Fashion’s New “It” Shoe!

So many have tried to ignore that flat, comfy shoes are having a major moment right now in the fashion world but to be honest I don’t know why.  After so many years of torturing our feet for the sake of the beautiful heels we all long to wear but can only keep our feet in for 10 minutes, we all should be embracing the opportunity to become full fledged members of the ‘Flat Pack’ crew.

With that being said, let’s take a look at mandals with character that are giving us options with a little dazzle and bling.  Afterall, why wear just plain old Birkenstocks when we have so many sparkly options right?  Now the more important question is: Do you Splurge vs. Save?


L to R: collection PRIVEE Embellished Triple Buckle Flat Sandals ($650.00) vs.  ZARA Leather Bio with Jewels ($99.90)



Splurge vs. Save: Fashion’s new “It” bag is a bucket!

Amongst the fashion pack a new handbag is dubbed the “it” bag of the season.  Generally these highly sought after beauties are overnight sensations that pack a punch with a multi-thousand dollar retail.  This past fashion month the style elite must have taken myself and the rest of the 99.9% of the faithful who worship at fashion’s altar into consideration because not only is the new “it” handbag only $495 dollars it’s from a relative unknown.

Founded in 2012, by Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel the New York-based brand, Mansur Gavriel is making waves as fashion’s new darling.  The brand creates simple, functional, leather bags in three silhouettes—a tote, a pouch, and a bucket style.  Each bag is made in Italy with Tuscan leather with no conspicuous branding which is a save for a discrete gold-embossed label.  The duo do offer an option to give some personality to your handbag by offering the ability to customize the lining with fun, bright colors.  The bucket has been crowned fashion’s most covetable bag due to it being sold out everywhere and is being carried by the likes of Eva Chen, Miranda Kerr, Garance Dore to name a few.

So what do you think, Splurge vs. Save?

Bucket Bag Board

L to R: Mansur Gavriel Leather Bucket Handbag ($495.00) vs.  BAGGU Leather Drawstring Bucket Bag ($140.00)


Splurge vs. Save: Chaos to Couture!

The Metropolitan Museum’s Spring 2013 exhibition of, “Punk: Chaos to Couture” has had such a resounding effect being very present on the runways this season as well as heavily influencing street style.  With my own personal style mantra of, “Edgy, Comfy, Chic” this celebration of how influential the punk subculture and movement to the fashion industry was very long over due.

Needless to say I’ve hugged and re-embraced my inner Emo that has an immensely strong affinity to spikes, studs and duh the beautiful palette of leather.  So when I came across Saint Laurent’s Studded Rangers Boot my heart skipped a beat (naturally to Emery).  These beauties immediately jumped to the top of my holiday wish list.  With these on my wish list, I’ve discovered an immediately available (and definitely more budget friendly) version from Zara.

So what do you think, Splurge vs Save?


Splurge vs. Save: Shine bright for the Holidays!

Can you believe that it’s already November?! Seriously, I was just coming to grips with the fact that summer has come to an end and have started to get my Fall wardrobe together and now the holiday season is knocking on my closet door.

To help you get through the holiday season and all of fabulous festivities to come, this week’s Splurge vs. Save is centered around my go-to for the holidays: Gilitter Booties.  The pack the perfect amount of shine and if you decide to just layer it up because of the temps outside these fabulous go-tos will instantly dress up any ensemble.

So what do you think, Splurge vs Save?



Splurge vs. Save: Who wins the stare down?

So confession time: I’m madly obsessed with pullover sweatshirts for fall!  One in particular that I’m majorly swooning over is Kenzo’s ‘Third Eye’ pullover sweatshirt from their Fall/Winter 2013 RTW collection.  I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of the ‘Third Eye’ or more notably known as the ‘Evil Eye’.  The creative dynamic duo, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, describe this emblazoned motif that littered their collection as “It’s all about protection and warding off evil spirits”.

ASOS has obviously drawn inspiration from Kenzo’s ‘Third Eye’.  So what do you think, Splurge vs Save?


Splurge vs. Save: Brown Sack Chic!

Who can we attribute the idea of brown sack chic to?  We all have Raf Simons to thank with his introduction of the leather lunch bag in Jil Sander’s Fall 2012 Menswear collection.  Although Raf’s inspiration for this collection has been lost in translation due to the popularity of this unique and creative handbag accessory.  Simons Fall 2012 Menswear collection was inspired by the idea of masculinity that is troubled for whatever reason.  Focusing on the cross-generational thing: the man who is a father, the man who stays a boys.

I digress, while Raf Simons’ inspiration is lost the one-of-a-kind silhouette lent inspiration to many including Marie Turnor’s Picnic Leather Clutch and for ASOS’s New Look Paper Bag Clutch.

So what do you think, Splurge vs Save?