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UK’s new print “It” girl, Lisa King



  • Who’s the Designer:  Lisa King London by Lisa King
  • What’s the inspiration:  In King’s own words, “Print is so personal.  Not everyone is going to like every print, but you might like the idea it came from and you might wear it in a different way”.  This personal and meticulous approach to print design where King first takes a deep dive into the study of specific topics that range from a very mixed cultural bag of influence is what makes her prints so special.  She almost takes a rigorous academic approach to analyzing and dissecting each topic of influence that will become the topics of her collection.  In her debut Fall/Winter 2014 collection, ‘A Study of Stars’, she translates her interpretations of astrology, film ratings, literature, and mathematics.  Each print was rendered in a stunningly bold palette through art techniques  such as line drawing, painting, collage work and digital manipulation.


  • Why it’s relevant:  As a convert to the printastic influence of print and a strong believer that prints have segued their influence to being a staple in a sense that print is the new black.
  • Where to wear it:  Wear these stunning pieces as a statement topper to polish any ensemble or make it the focal point.  If scarves define you life like many I know, this is an absolute must add fashion accessory to your abundant collection.  Up the ante of your current collection here:

lisa-king-pre-fall-2014-study-of-stars 2



Splurge vs. Save: Fashion’s New “It” Shoe!

So many have tried to ignore that flat, comfy shoes are having a major moment right now in the fashion world but to be honest I don’t know why.  After so many years of torturing our feet for the sake of the beautiful heels we all long to wear but can only keep our feet in for 10 minutes, we all should be embracing the opportunity to become full fledged members of the ‘Flat Pack’ crew.

With that being said, let’s take a look at mandals with character that are giving us options with a little dazzle and bling.  Afterall, why wear just plain old Birkenstocks when we have so many sparkly options right?  Now the more important question is: Do you Splurge vs. Save?


L to R: collection PRIVEE Embellished Triple Buckle Flat Sandals ($650.00) vs.  ZARA Leather Bio with Jewels ($99.90)



Thomas Tait: Fall/Winter 2014

Thomas Tait

  • Who’s the Designer:  Thomas Tait
  • What’s the inspiration:   Tait’s focus for this collection was to stay far away from designing anything that seemed familiar to what he’s showcased before.  Unlike many other young designers who tend to stay within the realm of what is familiar, Tait was intent on on exploring and challenging the current ideas of structure and femininity.  
  • Why it’s relevant:  Thomas Tait is clearly a design genius with impeccable workmanship that is reminiscent of the great American Courtier, Charles James.  This refreshing new talent is one to watch not only because of the amazing accolades he is his raking in (i.e. winning the LVMH Young Designer Prize, etc. ) but simply for his clean and understated aesthetic.
  • Where to wear it:  Thomas Tait’s 2014 Fall/Winter offers a variety of shapes that are very relevant to our current spring/summer season.  His bright use of color and juxtaposing streamlined structure don’t hesitate to buy now, wear now & more importantly wear later as well.



#CSMStyleTips: Wild, Wild West-ern

Western Trend

  • Who’s the Designer:  Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel, Junya Watanabe for Juyna Watanabe, and Ralph Lauren for Polo Ralph Lauren. 
  • What’s the inspiration:  Americana everything!  Maybe it’s the fact that I’m in the Wild Wild West for the week for work but it’s hard not to jump on the Americana bandwagon and join in the celebration of our most defining style movement: Western Wear.
  • Why it’s relevant:  Once Karl Lagerfeld showed this distinct Western wear influence on his Pre-Fall ’14 runways everyone else followed suit.  Everyone from Alexander Wang to Dontaella Versace sent Western wear inspired pieces down their runways.  The look I most appreciated was Junya Watanabe’s stunningly breathtaking collection featuring fringe in a refreshing and new way.
  • Where to wear it:  Whether you want to have a literal interpretation or a nod to the Western wear trend you will not go wrong wearing these pieces any and everywhere.  Play around with the influence but definitely, definitely wear this trend this summer to fit all of your festival needs because if any place is approps for this trend it deserves to worn at Lollapalooza or Milwaukee Art Festival.



#WWAW: Pampering is The Cure For Anything!

Being always on the go traveling for work coupled with a hectic work schedule that demands a lot out of me during the week it’s such an amazing treat for when the weekend hits to spoil myself with a little pampering.  This past Sunday not only did I indulge myself in a blow out but I topped my day off with champs, lots of laughs and all while feeding my nail crack fix with stunning nail art.

meFirst Stop: I’ve been a fan of the Drybar ever since they tamed my tresses for New York Fashion Week last year.  Long story short, I committed a major hair faux pas and forgot my hair product.  I literally did a small prayer to the beauty gods that I would be able to get in on a last minute appointment and with a lot of amazing customer service from the Drybar team they secured me an appointment with plenty of time for me to get my tresses treated before I hit my long day at the tents.  When I heard they were opening a location in Chicago I squealed with joy because with that one accommodating appointment they had secured a customer for life (I mean seriously, the pricing is unbelievable and coupled with customer service that is out of this world what more can a girl ask for right?)  So on this trip I decided to change up from my ‘Cosmo-Tai’ and opted for some glam & volume and chose the ‘Southern Comfort.’

me 2Second Stop:  Set with my Hollywood glam hair I made my way over to the #AuthenticBliss being hosted by Authentic Noise PR media event.  What better way to continue my day of pampering than attending an event all about mini massages, make-up consultations and nail art manicures by Astrowifey & Notable Nails featuring beautiful nail lacquer by LVX.

photo 3

photoAll in all Sunday was such an amazing day filled with glam hair, some new nail crack and all with bottomless mimosas and bellinis with amazing company.  Never underestimate the power of little pampering treatments and I would highly recommend treating yourself to some glam hair & nail crack!


Resort 2015

Resort 2015

  • Who’s the Designer:  Tomas Maier for Bottega Veneta; Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel; Yigal Azrouël for Cut25; Christian Dior for Dior.
  • What’s the inspiration:  Resort wear is one of the most misunderstood clothing references.  The term is actually a reference to clothing that you may wear on vacation.  The item really can be worn anytime but often the styles are brightly colored, light weight, have relaxed styling, and are easy to travel with.  The name refers to almost anything that may fit into that category.  Shirts, pants, shoes, hats, bags, swimsuits, swim cover ups are just a few of the items that can be considered resort wear.  It is a catch phrase for casual relaxed style and can be found both ladies and men’s apparel.  It can also be known as cruise wear but is essentially the same category of clothing.  Resort wear is also a term used to a fashion season by luxury designers.  Often times stores will start to carry this type of sportswear in November.  The thought process is that many will travel to warm climates over the holidays and need more lightweight clothing options.  You certainly won’t need gloves while vacationing in Belize!
  • Why it’s relevant:  Resort is a sneak peek into what we can expect to see on the Spring/Summer for the upcoming season’s runways.  While we will still see glimpses of a Fall/Winter influence we get a preview to what trends we should plan to carry into the new year.  For example, Chanel served up in a major way the push for the relevance of wearing a dress with pants.  Cut25 reminds us that the sneaker is still relevant and is not the short lived micro-trend that everyone anticipated it would be- and on the same note don’t put away crop tops just yet as well!  For Dior the idea of a structured and clean lines coupled with a refreshing palette of white gives new meaning to “Winter Whites” that will transition nicely to Spring’s sunny disposition.
  • Where to wear it:  Naturally wear these pieces on vacation but don’t hesitate to stock up on these trends now and into Fall/Winter because they will prove to be a smart investment when Spring/Summer 2015 rolls around!





#WWAW: The Weekend Uniform

One of the biggest highlights of my week is living for waking up leisurely on Saturday morning and lounging around for most of the morning until the clock strikes noon to signal it’s time to get my day started.  While many will argue that I’ve wasted away most of my Saturday sitting around in my pj’s enjoying a bottomless cup of bullet proof coffee (more on what this is in a later post) I embrace this as my time of reflection, meditation and most importantly decompressing from the long work week.  I usually also follow that up with a middle finger salute because seriously, my pj’s and coffee are heavenly in those morning hours.

Once I start the weekend I live in my staple weekend uniform: a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers.  This spring/summer is the year of the flat pack so I’ve added new silhouettes to my sneaker game with fun slip-ons.  The comfy tee section of my closet has gotten a few new friends with the addition of crops-seriously I would have never thought I’d be crop’in it for the win this spring/summer but they have become my favorite silhouette.

What’s the Inspiration:  The best pairing for an Edgy, Comfy, Chic weekend uniform?  Laughs, lots & lots of laughing!  One of the biggest agenda items for me on the weekend is to have a great time and throw caution to the wind and enjoy life-dare I say it YOLO? I had so many hilarious outtakes from this shoot I decided to let you in on just how hilariously fun shooting me with really is (while I’m not sure if my photographer would agree but hey as long as you have a great time who cares right?)  Enjoy!


Why it’s Relevant:  My weekend uniform hits all of Spring’s biggest trends while not being literal.  My crop is definitely a comfy crop tee in that the length isn’t super short where it might not be appropriate to where dining out with the parentals for brunch.  The trick I’ve found really handy in wearing crops is to pair with a bottom that is high-waisted.  This immediately upgrades your crop to becoming a chic nod to the trend.  The perfect accessory to pull this entire look together?  My holographic slip-on sneakers.


Where to Wear it:  Everywhere!  This weekend uniform formula is what gets me through brunch with parentals, to day drinking my girls in the afternoon to a fun night out with my hubs to end a eventful Saturday.  This is also the perfect uniform to get you through food/music/art festivals that are literally right around the corner.



What I’m wearing:  ASOS Crop T-shirt/ASOS Ridley Jeans/ ASOS Holographic Slip-ons/ Givenchy Pandora Handbag/ ASOS Mirorred Sunnies





May: Emerald!

Happy Birthday to all of you you Taurus & Gemini’s born in the month of May!  May’s birthstone is the stunning emerald gemstone.  What’s even more amazing?  Your birthstone is also the Pantone color of the year.  So shine bright all year long and make everyone else green with envy with one of these stunning birthstone baubles.

So start the year long celebration of your birth now and check out the following envy inducing pieces I’ve picked out to help you do it in style!

May Birthstone Bauble BoardTop L to R: Cara Couture Woven Bracelet/ Burberry Cuff links/ DANNIJO Bracco Earrings/ Ela Rae Sosi Hand Chain/ Nocturne Reem Bib/ Baublebar Collar/ Baublebar Earrings/ Baublebar Clover Earrings




The Best of the Met Ball in prep for tonight!

THE fashion event of the here is finally upon us and now that you are fully downloaded on the fashion icon and legend, Charles James, let’s discuss my 3 most memorable looks that have graced Costume Institute Ball’s red carpet.

In chronological order let’s start with this look from 2009.  This freshly dubbed style icon showcased to a tee how your own personal style should always resonate in anything you wear.  Rihanna pulled together one of my most memorable looks from the Met Ball red carpet by stepping away from the traditional floor length ball gown and giving us a new modern option: a Dolce & Cabbana tuxedo suit.  And can we just have moment for how everyone (myself included) was obsessed with this haircut?

Rihanna in Dolce & Gabbana-2009

Sheer, bare, lace, beading and feathers.  This coupled with an awe inspiring train is the perfect formula for why Beyonce is and will always be a red carpet “Best Dressed” mainstay.  In 2012, the Queen is probably the only star to carry such a noteworthy Givenchy gown on this super bowl of red carpets because while I can not take my eyes off of this jaw dropping gown it’s just as equally breathtaking because she is the one wearing it.  We find too often on this red carpet a gown that is just too much for the wearer and therefore leaves us feeling really underwhelmed and naming a list of others who we wish were wearing that gown.  She pairs this gown perfecting with a a simple pulled back ponytail and complementing the luxe of this gown with a fresh nude face.

Beyonce in Givenchy-2012

And last but certainly not least was the only star who fully embraced and let her style creativity reign at last year’s 2013 red carpet where the them was “Punk: Chaos to Couture”.  Many attendees were total red carpet let downs because with such a broad and robust theme there was definitely a chance to go extremely wrong or hit a red carpet style home run.  SJP (better known as Sarah Jessica Parker) was on my shortlist of style mavens to watch sashay down the red carpet runway and with majority of my list letting me down in the creativity department it was such a breath of fresh air to see her show everyone how to style to this theme with perfection!  She wore a Giles ensemble with the most talked about Philip Treacy headpiece of the year.  Seriously, SJP was utter perfection!

SJP in Giles-2013

Set your clocks for tonight at 5pm CST (6pm EST) for live updates from the red carpet!  Make sure you are following Vogue, The Metroplitan Museum and myself on social media for up to the minute updates of who is wearing what.



Tres Bien Spring/Summer 2014

Tres Bien 2

  • Who’s the Designer:  Brothers Hannes and Simon Hogeman debut their Tres Bien Spring/Summer 2014.
  • What’s the inspiration:  Since opening their successful Swedish online shop, Tres Bien, the Hogeman brothers had created a perfect niche for themselves the chaos of online purveyors as THE defining destination shop where the marriage of high fashion and streetwear said their vows.  This collection is a direct reflection of their taste and their shop and is best summed up in their own words as, “It all comes down to our taste which stems from growing up in Sweden with a general interest in fashion, style, and culture.  We were brought up in the nineties with Helmut Lang and Ice Cube.”  
  • Why it’s relevant:  The taste level of these two is only have of the genius the other half is the sensibility for how to create conflicting juxtapositions  such as Carthartt & Comme des Garcons or Stussy & Rick Owens jive and intermix but taking it a step further and presenting the ultimate high low pairing that is absolute genius.  These two have mastered this formula and need to teach an international Dabble course-no seriously I would sign up in a nano second. 
  • Where to wear it:  Fellas, Guys, Gents, everyone of the male sex this are you listening to me?  First save the site on your browser of choice.  Second make your calendar with the date of Friday, May 2nd when collection goes live on their site (psst, tomorrow is Friday, May 2nd).  And last but certainly not least: Shop, shop, shop!  These silhouettes are great basics for your wardrobe  and present a great versatility in color that you will be able to wear each piece for timeless seasons to come.  So what are you waiting for?  Hop to it!

Tres Bien 3 Tres Bien 1