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Under Construction…Back in 2015!

Where to begin… First and foremost I owe you a majorly humongous apology.  I apologize for disappearing and going black on the site for the last two months and with no explanation or even a sign of life of when I would be back.  The move to Dallas, TX for work has been such a rewarding experience but has definitely had it’s fair share of bumps in the road.  Like 99% of the blogging world I have a “9 to 5” that consumes a large majority of my free time and with this new position, at a brand new company I’ve struggled a bit finding the right balance.  This beautiful space that I share will all of you here is one of my most treasured creations. While I wished I’d have reached this discovery much sooner than now, I’m just happy I’m finally in a great space to get back to being an active member of the CSM community.

In preparation for the new year I’m currently working on a few new exciting updates and a few changes to help make the CSM community a more fruitful experience.  I’m bursting at the seams with excitement but will hold it in until 2015.

So cheers to an amazing year but lets raise our flutes to many more runways that await us in the new year!  In the mean time get sneak peeks of what’s to come in 2015 for CSM by following me on IG, Twitter & FB xo

Under Construction Pic

#CSMStyleTips: Summer’s Flawless Coat is Fall’s Perfect Match!

Summer Coat 1

A key micro trend that has emerged this summer is the idea of a summer coat.  This outerwear silhouette has definitely sparked out of necessity what with summer temps staying around high 60 to mid 70 degrees in certain regions.  What’s been really interesting is seeing this silhouette in hot regions such as Dallas, TX and Ibiza.  In taking a nod from the streets and recognizing the versatility of this silhouette it’s important to recognize that this outwear piece is not only perfect for layering over your festival go-to’s but is your answer to transitioning from summer to fall.

Check out my Top 3 picks below from my absolute favorite shopping destination for snagging the perfect trendy pieces:

Transitional Summer CoatsL to R: Drapey Longline Kimono Jacket/ Printed Kimono Jacket/ Silk Kimono Jacket

Summer Coat 2

P.S. I’m scouring the net looking for that fabulous all white wrap jacket! Once I find it I will definitely be sharing the deets so stay tuned 😉 xo

*Street style photo credit: Tresawesome



#WWAW: Because Rock-Star=Edgy, Comfy, Chic!

Rock Star Style Board

No designer has championed the rocker look more than Hedi Slimane, who successfully revitalized Saint Laurent by mining youth-culture codes for creative inspiration.  Rock stars embody a sense of freedom and glamour that fashion will forever be chasing after.  A true rock fan, Slimane regularly casts tall slender musicians to walk his runway shows and also fills his front rows with a tribe of real-life musicians.  Recent rock gods who have graced Slimane’s front row were Alex Turner, Miles Kane, and The Kills’ Alison Mosshart.  Saint Laurent isn’t the only brand getting with the band lately. Haider Ackerman, Lanvin,  Alexander McQueen, and Diesel Black Gold to name a few have opted for an edgier creative direction.  Put away the soft pick pastels and lace because leather’s back to take it’s rightful place as the front woman of your style band.



#WWAW: Chicago Love Letter…

About a month ago I received some pretty incredible news, and in a nutshell it consisted of : We’re moving to Dallas, TX!! For some of you this may not come as a total surprise what with my recent tweets and instagrams.  Since the realization of this one phrase it’s come to represent one giant ball of emotions that have had me reeling with every single facial emoji in my phone (and maybe even a few from Harper’s Bazaar).

After the initial shock of realizing I was  leaving the place I have called home for the last 9 years I decided that the only proper and respectful way to break-up with Chicago was in a way that would ensure that he understood how much I loved an appreciated everything he’s given to me and do so in a way that would preserve the amazing friendship that we sparked those few short years ago.

Seeing that I only had a mere 4 weeks to spend with my great love Chicago 2 tasks became an immediate priority: one, making a dent in my Chicago foodie list and second, crossing off the places I wanted to visit on my Chicago tourist list.  Naturally each item I crossed off both lists were done in the only way CSM knows how with an Edgy, Comfy, Chic fashion.

Chicago 1 Food 1

Dear Chicago,

When I stepped out of the taxi cab 9 years ago, I just knew that you and I were destined for each other.  The jaw dropping skyline that seemed to go on for miles coupled with that amazing endless blue water were what sealed my immediate infatuation for you.  While at first it was definitely all about looks for me, what with the bright lights and endless rows of beautiful boutiques stunningly framed by the majestic blue of Lake Michigan in the Gold Coast.  I found myself venturing over to the homey, yet vibrantly full of life neighborhood of East Lakeview.  While I will always be a Chicago Cubs fan by default because of the many day drinking expeditions spent on Clark & Addison cheering in camraderie for a Cubs ‘W’.   The hellacious commute out to the far northwest suburbs for work proved to be too much, but in the end brought me to my absolute favorite neighborhood in Chicago: Logan Square.  This beautifully eclectic and diverse foodie’s paradise is my soulmate.  This unassuming vibrant and unpretentious neighborhood so full of creative talent that just bursting at the seams that it’s such a common place to walk down Milwaukee and feel like I’m walking through an art exhibit.  Words can’t even begin to express how much I’m going to miss you Chicago.  Even while I was in Dallas, TX looking for a new temporary residence the only criteria I had while working with our realtor was this one statement: “What area in Dallas, TX resembles exactly or at least is a nod to the beautifully diverse artist & foodie paradise of Logan Square in Chicago?”  I don’t know what I was expecting to hear back or whether some small part of me was secretly holding on to some small hope that maybe there would be a Logan Square doppleganger in Texas but I knew.  I knew that there wouldn’t be, but I just couldn’t at that moment take in the notion that I would be leaving you Chicago.  

What I have discovered over the course of the last 4 weeks is that it is just not physically, mentally or emotionally possible for me to break-up with you Chicago.  Our love affair runs way too deep and let’s just be honest my heart couldn’t take it.  So for right now I’m going to be on a really, really long vacation so this is not goodbye, it’s see you later!

Love Always and Forever,

Ana xoxo

Chicago 2 Food 2

P.S.  While I was eating and sightseeing my way through my lists I wore some pretty fabulous ensembles because when you go on dates with Chicago the only right thing to do is step it up and no better way but in my Edgy, Comfy, Chic style!

photo 1P.P.S Even more of a bonus?  Here’s a funny outtake because you know I had way more outtakes than actual blog ready photos lol

photo 3What I’m Wearing: ASOS Run DMC Tank/ ASOS Midi Camo Skirt/ Melissa X Gareth Pugh Sandals/ Givenchy Pandora Bag/ House of Harlow Sunnies (Similar)






CSM X ASOS Giveaway!

Giveaway-ASOS 50It’s time to say “Thank You“, “Malo“, “Fa’afetai“, “Mahalo“, and “Vinaka“.  This has been such an amazing year thus far and it’s all because of you all, the CSM community.  This little space means the absolute world to me because of all of the great dialogue that it has helped to foster and more importantly the beautiful friendships its given me.  I’ve been debating for the longest time what would be the best giveaway to have to say “Malo” and then it smacked me in the face: a gift to my go-to shopping destination, ASOS.

So how do you win a $50 gift card to this one stop shop fashion/style addiction you say?  Easy, make sure you follow all the rules listed below.  Ready-set-go!

1. You must follow @CSMStyleDiary on Instagram

2. You must follow @CSMStyleDiary on Twitter

3.  Leave a comment below on what great piece you will be snagging from ASOS and fair warning, if you aren’t yet a fanatic then my apologies in advance to your checking account.

This sweepstakes giveaway officially starts today, June 27th and ends on July 4th at 5pm CST.  The winner will be announced via CSM’s  Facebook Page.*



*Winner will be randomly selected using and MUST follow all of the rules listed above in order to qualify to win.




#WWAW: Pampering is The Cure For Anything!

Being always on the go traveling for work coupled with a hectic work schedule that demands a lot out of me during the week it’s such an amazing treat for when the weekend hits to spoil myself with a little pampering.  This past Sunday not only did I indulge myself in a blow out but I topped my day off with champs, lots of laughs and all while feeding my nail crack fix with stunning nail art.

meFirst Stop: I’ve been a fan of the Drybar ever since they tamed my tresses for New York Fashion Week last year.  Long story short, I committed a major hair faux pas and forgot my hair product.  I literally did a small prayer to the beauty gods that I would be able to get in on a last minute appointment and with a lot of amazing customer service from the Drybar team they secured me an appointment with plenty of time for me to get my tresses treated before I hit my long day at the tents.  When I heard they were opening a location in Chicago I squealed with joy because with that one accommodating appointment they had secured a customer for life (I mean seriously, the pricing is unbelievable and coupled with customer service that is out of this world what more can a girl ask for right?)  So on this trip I decided to change up from my ‘Cosmo-Tai’ and opted for some glam & volume and chose the ‘Southern Comfort.’

me 2Second Stop:  Set with my Hollywood glam hair I made my way over to the #AuthenticBliss being hosted by Authentic Noise PR media event.  What better way to continue my day of pampering than attending an event all about mini massages, make-up consultations and nail art manicures by Astrowifey & Notable Nails featuring beautiful nail lacquer by LVX.

photo 3

photoAll in all Sunday was such an amazing day filled with glam hair, some new nail crack and all with bottomless mimosas and bellinis with amazing company.  Never underestimate the power of little pampering treatments and I would highly recommend treating yourself to some glam hair & nail crack!


#WWAW: The Weekend Uniform

One of the biggest highlights of my week is living for waking up leisurely on Saturday morning and lounging around for most of the morning until the clock strikes noon to signal it’s time to get my day started.  While many will argue that I’ve wasted away most of my Saturday sitting around in my pj’s enjoying a bottomless cup of bullet proof coffee (more on what this is in a later post) I embrace this as my time of reflection, meditation and most importantly decompressing from the long work week.  I usually also follow that up with a middle finger salute because seriously, my pj’s and coffee are heavenly in those morning hours.

Once I start the weekend I live in my staple weekend uniform: a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers.  This spring/summer is the year of the flat pack so I’ve added new silhouettes to my sneaker game with fun slip-ons.  The comfy tee section of my closet has gotten a few new friends with the addition of crops-seriously I would have never thought I’d be crop’in it for the win this spring/summer but they have become my favorite silhouette.

What’s the Inspiration:  The best pairing for an Edgy, Comfy, Chic weekend uniform?  Laughs, lots & lots of laughing!  One of the biggest agenda items for me on the weekend is to have a great time and throw caution to the wind and enjoy life-dare I say it YOLO? I had so many hilarious outtakes from this shoot I decided to let you in on just how hilariously fun shooting me with really is (while I’m not sure if my photographer would agree but hey as long as you have a great time who cares right?)  Enjoy!


Why it’s Relevant:  My weekend uniform hits all of Spring’s biggest trends while not being literal.  My crop is definitely a comfy crop tee in that the length isn’t super short where it might not be appropriate to where dining out with the parentals for brunch.  The trick I’ve found really handy in wearing crops is to pair with a bottom that is high-waisted.  This immediately upgrades your crop to becoming a chic nod to the trend.  The perfect accessory to pull this entire look together?  My holographic slip-on sneakers.


Where to Wear it:  Everywhere!  This weekend uniform formula is what gets me through brunch with parentals, to day drinking my girls in the afternoon to a fun night out with my hubs to end a eventful Saturday.  This is also the perfect uniform to get you through food/music/art festivals that are literally right around the corner.



What I’m wearing:  ASOS Crop T-shirt/ASOS Ridley Jeans/ ASOS Holographic Slip-ons/ Givenchy Pandora Handbag/ ASOS Mirorred Sunnies





#WWAW: Spring’s Biggest Trends? Rocked it!

So it’s officially Spring and long overdue for a #WWAW (What Would ‘Ana Wear) post.  With Spring temps finally gracing us with it’s presence and Memorial Day weekend around the corner it’s time to get a handle on what Spring trends to try out and work into your wardrobe rotation.  Ready, set let’s go and explore some trends shall we?

What’s the Inspiration:  Mixing and matching Spring’s biggest trends such as crop tops, florals, cut-outs and bucket handbags.  Every designer from Proenza Schouler to Christopher Kane had sprinkles of each of these key elements in their Spring/Summer 2014 collections.  There are so many trending zeitgeists that initially I tried to narrow down and figure out which one to start with as a focus and possibly do a series and then had an ‘aha moment’ to incorporate them all into one outfit.


Why it’s Relevant:  So the whole idea of trends is that they are temporary fads, but what causes the transition to style is to not have any restrictions and to embrace being a rule breaker.  As a style & fashion rebel I took on the challenge to not only incorporate 4 trends into one ensemble but to make them my own.  While many would not mix florals with cut-out spikes or stripes and ripped jeans I believe all trends can cohesively be worn all together.  The trick is to ensure that you stick to one color palette especially if there are a number of different juxtaposing trends. I chose to stick with the modern black and white palette with a pop of color accent in my blazer and complimenting this accent color in my accessories.


Where to Wear it:  These trends are key elements in my Spring/Summer wardrobe and the big bonus?  This ensemble is food/music/art festival ready.  Why you say, because any style maven who lives in Chicago knows that means you have mastered the art of layering and fully appreciate any ensemble that allows you seamlessly adjust to any change in Chicago’s bi-polar weather.

c d

What I’m wearing:  ASOS Floral Blazer/ ASOS Striped Bandeau (Similar)/ ASOS Ripped Skinny Jeans/ Marc Jacobs Bucket Handbag (Similar)/ Jeffrey Campbell Spiked Cut-out Booties/ Mirrored Sunnies 

e f




#WWAW: Parental Advisory Warning

So winter temps  and weather are still here and unfortunately they aren’t going anywhere any time soon, so PARENTAL ADVISORY WARNING: Winter is a straight up motherf&*ker so don’t put your coats and scarves away anytime soon.  Snow and cold temps are in the forecast here at home in Chicago and will be following me to New York City, NY where I will be spending the week for work.  So let’s take a final look at what are great pieces to keep you warm for now and will be great building staples to usher in spring with ease.

What’s the Inspiration:  Drawing from the fall 2014 runways and incorporating the trend of mixing fabrications and textures.  So much leather and fur (both real and faux) that  littered the runways that just oozed dreamy comfort.


Why it’s Relevant:  Staying true to my style mantra of Edgy, Comfy, Chic was made extremely simple with fall 2014’s key trend of mixing fabrications such as leather and fur.   I added my personal touch to these fabrications by mixing in spring’s key denim trend of high waisted jeans and sporty footwear.  I don’t know about you but I’m embracing a spring/summer that is all about comfortable footwear.  Seriously, who knew this was ever going to be a reality in fashion so don’t ask any questions and just embrace this.


Where to Wear it:  This has become my weekend uniform and I bask in it’s glory.  It’s the perfect ensemble for brunchin’ it up like champs at Prasino in Wicker Park or checking out the Christopher Wool exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago.  The perfect combination of edge and trend while all serving the all important purpose of keeping you warm during this long ending bout of winter snow and temps.


What I’m wearing:  Adidas Beanie/ ASOS Coatigan/ ASOS Moto Leather Jacket (Similar)/ Custom ASSATA Fur Scarf (Similar)H&M Graphic Tank/ Vintage Crossbody bag (Similar)/ River Island Sunnies/  Etienne Aigner Leather Gloves/ ASOS High Waisted JeansNike Hi-Top Sneakers




#WWAW: Statement Outerwear

Statement Outerwear BoardTaking a cue from the likes of Valentino and Balmain, I’m starting the spring transition with statement outerwear.  These last few seasons it’s been all about the statement necklace or accessory.  While statement baubles are never out of style, it’s time to let our outerwear have a spot in the lime light.

I’ve rounded up my top 4 choices that are not only budget friendly but will be perfect to pick up and add into your fall season wardrobe.  After all, why shouldn’t your outerwear pieces be seasonless as well.

ASOS Statement Outerwear BoardL to R: Waterfall Coat Print/ Asymmetric Color Block/ Metallic Jacquard/ Shamen Coatigan