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This blog is a personal one, written and edited by me. Most of the photos are taken by myself and where I have used other images, a link or credit will normally be given.  All photos are only used for commenting reasons and no photos are used for commercial reasons unless specified.  If I have used one of your photos, and you would like me to take it down, please email me at ana@csmstyle.com.  All opinions are my own and I only mention products that I actually do like and use. I will disclose which products I received for editorial consideration at the bottom of the post.

Feel free to share my content by posting my link on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, email, etc.  Help me spread my mantra of “Using Fashion as Armour to Walk Life’s Runway” BUT don’t copy my work.  You must link to me and even then you can only copy one paragraph of my work to place on another site.



My site collects personal information when you post a comment or enter a giveaway or contest. That information may include: Name or alias, email address, IP address, and in the case of contest winners, mailing address. But I will not disclose this information.



Leave them, please! I love receiving comments, but not ones that are rude, spam, or advertising some random clothing site– I will delete them.

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