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#WWAW: Chicago Love Letter…

About a month ago I received some pretty incredible news, and in a nutshell it consisted of : We’re moving to Dallas, TX!! For some of you this may not come as a total surprise what with my recent tweets and instagrams.  Since the realization of this one phrase it’s come to represent one giant ball of emotions that have had me reeling with every single facial emoji in my phone (and maybe even a few from Harper’s Bazaar).

After the initial shock of realizing I was  leaving the place I have called home for the last 9 years I decided that the only proper and respectful way to break-up with Chicago was in a way that would ensure that he understood how much I loved an appreciated everything he’s given to me and do so in a way that would preserve the amazing friendship that we sparked those few short years ago.

Seeing that I only had a mere 4 weeks to spend with my great love Chicago 2 tasks became an immediate priority: one, making a dent in my Chicago foodie list and second, crossing off the places I wanted to visit on my Chicago tourist list.  Naturally each item I crossed off both lists were done in the only way CSM knows how with an Edgy, Comfy, Chic fashion.

Chicago 1 Food 1

Dear Chicago,

When I stepped out of the taxi cab 9 years ago, I just knew that you and I were destined for each other.  The jaw dropping skyline that seemed to go on for miles coupled with that amazing endless blue water were what sealed my immediate infatuation for you.  While at first it was definitely all about looks for me, what with the bright lights and endless rows of beautiful boutiques stunningly framed by the majestic blue of Lake Michigan in the Gold Coast.  I found myself venturing over to the homey, yet vibrantly full of life neighborhood of East Lakeview.  While I will always be a Chicago Cubs fan by default because of the many day drinking expeditions spent on Clark & Addison cheering in camraderie for a Cubs ‘W’.   The hellacious commute out to the far northwest suburbs for work proved to be too much, but in the end brought me to my absolute favorite neighborhood in Chicago: Logan Square.  This beautifully eclectic and diverse foodie’s paradise is my soulmate.  This unassuming vibrant and unpretentious neighborhood so full of creative talent that just bursting at the seams that it’s such a common place to walk down Milwaukee and feel like I’m walking through an art exhibit.  Words can’t even begin to express how much I’m going to miss you Chicago.  Even while I was in Dallas, TX looking for a new temporary residence the only criteria I had while working with our realtor was this one statement: “What area in Dallas, TX resembles exactly or at least is a nod to the beautifully diverse artist & foodie paradise of Logan Square in Chicago?”  I don’t know what I was expecting to hear back or whether some small part of me was secretly holding on to some small hope that maybe there would be a Logan Square doppleganger in Texas but I knew.  I knew that there wouldn’t be, but I just couldn’t at that moment take in the notion that I would be leaving you Chicago.  

What I have discovered over the course of the last 4 weeks is that it is just not physically, mentally or emotionally possible for me to break-up with you Chicago.  Our love affair runs way too deep and let’s just be honest my heart couldn’t take it.  So for right now I’m going to be on a really, really long vacation so this is not goodbye, it’s see you later!

Love Always and Forever,

Ana xoxo

Chicago 2 Food 2

P.S.  While I was eating and sightseeing my way through my lists I wore some pretty fabulous ensembles because when you go on dates with Chicago the only right thing to do is step it up and no better way but in my Edgy, Comfy, Chic style!

photo 1P.P.S Even more of a bonus?  Here’s a funny outtake because you know I had way more outtakes than actual blog ready photos lol

photo 3What I’m Wearing: ASOS Run DMC Tank/ ASOS Midi Camo Skirt/ Melissa X Gareth Pugh Sandals/ Givenchy Pandora Bag/ House of Harlow Sunnies (Similar)






#ShopLocal: CSM’s Holiday Hidden Gems Go To!

With the holiday season in full swing the hustle and bustle can be a bit overwhelming at times and before you know it the holiday party has arrived and you haven’t gotten a chance to pick up that great unique and thoughtful gift you have been meaning to grab.

Trust me I’ve had that happen to me more times than I’d like to admit so to save you from that dreaded feeling of, “Yikes! What can I scrounge together at the convenience store?” take note of my round-up of my Top 10 local Chicago holiday go to’s below.   Bonus, these hidden gems are so amazing that they will be your go to year round but more importantly great places to snag a gift or two for yourself-no judgement here I promise.

1. stock mfg. co.

Stock Mfg. Co: If Stock sounds a little familiar it’s because I’ve featured this amazing company on CSM previously.   They focus on classic shapes and silhouettes that exude comfortable simplicity.  They offer great menswear accessories such as neck ties, bowties, hats, etc.

2. Space 519

space519: Touts itself as a refined general store and if you haven’t yet made it there, it’s a definite must.  They carry a carefully crafted assortment of beauty products for both women and men.  For your beauty aficionado this is where you find all of their most talked about products but discover new product lines to wow them with.

3. Roam

Roam: This is a wanderlust’s dream come true.  Both the menswear & womenswear collections are carefully curated to include hard to find designers as well as local Chicago favorites such as jules, a jewelry line by Jules Vance as well as C/FAN by Christina Fan.

4. Reform Pic

reform objects: This vintage shop is filled with an ever-changing inventory, focused mainly in Mid-Century Modern design.  Their pieces are a node to their love of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.  What’s also great is that one can also find the occasional Industrial, or Art Deco jewel in the mix.

5. Randolph Market Pic

Randolph Street Market: Stretch your stylish dollars to the max while perusing the market’s amazing selection of vintage apparel, accessories, footwear to hard to find fashion collectibles.  The market is happening this weekend 12/14 & 12/15 and you can get all of the info on times, parking, ticket pricing, etc here.

6.  Luxury Garage Sale Pic

Luxury Garage Sale: This gem is a upscale consignment boutique that specializes in selling new and gently used designer and vintage clothing and accessories.  Someone on your list looking for that stunning Givenchy ‘Nightingale’ or ‘Pandora’? 99.9% of a chance LGS has it and at a ridiculously amazing deal-trust me you & your pocketbook with thank me later.

7. Luxaby pic

Luxaby Baby & Child: This carefully curated children’s store offers amazing apparel for not only the little ones but for mommy as well.  Perfect one stop shop for any of the little ones on your list.

8. Jayson Home pic

Jayson Home: Sophisticated but never stuffy while maintaining an edgy but elegant aesthetic are what define the stunning home decor pieces that you will find at this hidden gem.  You will never go wrong here when finding the perfect hostess gift and I can almost guarantee you will find that missing piece you have been on the search for.

9. haberdash pic

Haberdash Men’s Shop:  This men’s focus boutique is a blend of cool classic style paired with old-school philosophy.  They focus on offering men a finely curated collection of hard to find brands including L.B.M. 1911, RRL, Baldwin Denim, Alden, and Gitman Bros. Vintage.  For that dapper gentlemen who’s style is nothing short of spectacular, this is your one stop shop destination.

10. Dose Pic

 dose market: The foodies in my life tend to be the hardest to shop for.  So when I discovered the food & style mecca of this hidden gem I can’t help but share the info.  The next market is happening this Sunday, 12/15 so definitely plan ahead to not only stop in for brunch and nosh while you shop for the great flavors that will win over that fashionable foodies palette.  Get all of the info on times, parking, ticket pricing, etc here.


Revolution Brewing: Craft Beer + Gourmet Eats? Score!

Anyone else’s favorite day of the week Friday or is it just me?  Wait that was a silly question, everyone counts down the work week to this blessed day of the week.  Sorry, momentary lapse of judgement-it’s been a super long week.  Here’s a better question, who else celebrates the arrival of Friday planning out their weekend brunch plans?

Just in case you forgot or didn’t realize it the sole reason why I introduced Fashionable Dining to CSM is because I’m a serial bruncher and it’s my most prided talent.  Still no update yet on whether brunchin’ will be introduced as an Olympic sport so in the mean time let me introduce you to my go-to neighborhood brunch gem, Revolution Brewing.

Revolution Brewing is Chicago’s new hometown craft brewery.  The growth of craft breweries in the U.S. has been nothing short of a revolution, and this stand out Chicago gem is proud to be standing tall in this new crowd. The changing tastes of beer drinkers demand bigger flavors and more variety.  Alongside the variety of craft beers is the mouth watering and tantalizing food menu that pair perfectly in complementing their great selection of brews.

The setting of this brewpub features barrel wood walls & benches that are made from 100-year old beams salvaged during construction and immediately give the  space a warm and cozy vibe.   I know what your thinking, “What do I wear?”  Don’t fret, I got you covered.  Draw some outfit inspiration from key Fall/Winter trends I’ve pulled together for you:

P.S. Here’s what my husband and I had just the other day for brunch at Revolution Brewing to give you an idea of the amazing rollercoater ride your taste buds are in for:

b d c a



Sunday Dinner Club: A foodie’s dream come true!

One of the most exciting perks of the Chicago food scene is that it’s always evolving and creating tantalizing concepts to always keep our taste buds craving more.  It’s most recent salivating innovation? The Sunday Dinner Club

Chefs Josh Kulp and Christine Cikowski are the founders behind this hidden gem that touts itself on being an underground restaurant that isn’t really underground or a restaurant and yes, it’s not always held on Sundays either.  The best way to describe the Sunday Dinner Club is that it’s an experience that resembles more of a dinner party because of the amazing locales that SDC hosts their dinners with the great city of Chicago as their backdrop.  The dinners are multi-course meals that feature the best of what is available at the city’s local farmers markets.  The chefs pride themselves on, “The food that we cook is the food we want to eat-seasonal, simple, clean but also refined, thoughtful and painstakingly handcrafted”. 

Now here’s where it gets really interesting, in order to participate in one of Chicago’s most unique foodie experiences you have to get a referral.  The idea behind the referral is to further enhance the SDC experience by ensuring that the environment that they create where the food, the cooks and the guests are all interconnected.  But no need to fret because I just happen to be on the mailing list and if you shoot me an email I would personally ensure that I send along a referral for you to join the Sunday Dinner Club (just as a reminder here’s my email ana@csmstyle.com).

Now on to solving the issue of what to wear when attending one of SDC’s fabulous dinners.  The settings are always cozy and exude the feeling of having dinner at home (but naturally it’s the dream home we all fantasize and pin about on Pinterest) so draw some outfit inspiration that would be perfect no matter which dinner it is you choose!



P.S. Check out some of the mouth watering dishes that have been served at past SDC dinners:

photo (65) photo (57) photo (61) photo (62) photo (59) photo (58)

*Photo Credit: Sunday Dinner Club’s Instagram