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#CSMTravels: Hong Kong Street Style Fashion

Since my first trip to Hong Kong back in October of 2011 I’ve been enthralled by the vibrant and unique self expression of it’s residents.   Hong Kong street style fashion has a very distinct and indescribable fashion aesthetic that could never be fully described with words.  Their fun usage of prints, fabrics, and silhouettes is not only fashion forward but epitomize CSM’s fashion mantra, “Using fashion as armour to walk life’s runway…”

It’s literally taken me 2 years to gain the courage to test out my very limited photography skills and ever since I joined, ‘Team i-Phone’ I’ve transitioned into a self proclaimed i-Phone-ographer.  While I don’t have any plans of transitioning into a street style i-Phone-ographer any day soon, it was definitely such a thrill to move from in front of the camera to behind it.

Check out my Hong Kong street style snaps:

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CSM’s Top 5 Travel Tips!



With my frequent travels both internationally and domestically here in the United States I’ve learned a thing or two about what are absolute ‘must takes’ and what is totally unnecessary and take up way too much precious travel space.  Being a road warrior who spends approximately 4 months out of the year travelling I’ve now identified my Top 5 absolute musts for my CSM Travels.

1. Scented Candles: The reality is that hotel rooms are not home.  My average work trip is about a week to 2 weeks (the most brutal ones are 3 weeks long and praise Jesus I only do that long of a trip twice a year).  With such a long trip experiencing home sickness is a definite reality for me and anything that can give me the familiarity of “home” is always at the top of my list.  Enter the scented candle.  My home always has an amazing candle burning so having this aids to transferring me to an immediate place of calm and relaxation after a long day. (Cowshed Travel Candles)

2. Skin care Regimen: It’s always important to have any amazing skin care regimen but is even more imperative to have one while travelling.  The stress of travelling coupled with a new environment can wreak havoc on your skin so be extra amazing to your skin and ensure that it’s always properly cleansed and moisturized. (Origins Cleanser & Moisturizer)

3. Throw blanket: Yes hotel rooms are fun but trust me it will wear off after the first 2 days.  Along the same lines of why I bring scented candles is why I always travel with my favorite throw blanket.  You can’t travel with your entire home but these little touches make long travel bearable and more enjoyable. (Space Dye Knit Throw)

4. Comfortable walking shoes:  I can’t stress enough the importance of comfortable walking shoes.  No they don’t have to be sneakers, but they do have to be flats of some sort and able to endure a good amount of walking.  When you are in a new city and especially if it’s a new country, exploration is an absolute must.  Walking around playing tourist won’t get you too far in a pair of heels so save your feet the agony and make sure a great pair of flats are in your suitcase. (Zara Flat Sandals)

5. Roll Method for folding clothes: Yes, it’s called the roll method and all you do is literally roll your clothes up.  Some have taken this method to a whole different level by rolling 2 pieces of clothing at a time to more than double their suitcase space efficiency.  Now your probably wondering why I’ve included this as a travel essential.  Two words for you: Baggage Fees.  Save yourself some money and preserve your need for clothing options.

Well, I’m off to Hong Kong for the next week and half.  Can’t wait to share with you all what new adventures I get into while on the other side of the world! xoxo