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Juun.J: Street Tailoring

Juun.J Board

  • Who’s the Designer:  Juun.J is the brilliant mind behind self titled menswear fashion label, Juun.J 
  • What’s the inspiration:  Juun is largely inspired by youth and street culture and has in turn aptly calls this “Street Tailoring”.  As an expert who is regarded as a master tailor he draws on this training to deconstruct and dissect traditional and old world notions of classic tailoring to formulate new and modern silhouettes.
  • Why it’s relevant:  His avant design and classicism coupled with his precise tailoring will no doubt continue to be a tour de force in the evolution of menswear.  Juun’s designs challenge our preconceived notions of what is traditional menswear.  His blurred approach allow for a revolutionary approach to clothing and ultimately is designing for the chic streetstyle dresser who is unafraid of pushing the style boundary.
  • Where to wear it:  This is a public service announcement: This is only for the bold, the daring and those who have “I don’t give a fuck!” attitudes of the world.  This collection is not for the faint of heart of the fashion lemings who follow trends rather than make them.  Do not approach this label if you are not ready… don’t say I didn’t warn you!


Tres Bien Spring/Summer 2014

Tres Bien 2

  • Who’s the Designer:  Brothers Hannes and Simon Hogeman debut their Tres Bien Spring/Summer 2014.
  • What’s the inspiration:  Since opening their successful Swedish online shop, Tres Bien, the Hogeman brothers had created a perfect niche for themselves the chaos of online purveyors as THE defining destination shop where the marriage of high fashion and streetwear said their vows.  This collection is a direct reflection of their taste and their shop and is best summed up in their own words as, “It all comes down to our taste which stems from growing up in Sweden with a general interest in fashion, style, and culture.  We were brought up in the nineties with Helmut Lang and Ice Cube.”  
  • Why it’s relevant:  The taste level of these two is only have of the genius the other half is the sensibility for how to create conflicting juxtapositions  such as Carthartt & Comme des Garcons or Stussy & Rick Owens jive and intermix but taking it a step further and presenting the ultimate high low pairing that is absolute genius.  These two have mastered this formula and need to teach an international Dabble course-no seriously I would sign up in a nano second. 
  • Where to wear it:  Fellas, Guys, Gents, everyone of the male sex this are you listening to me?  First save the site on your browser of choice.  Second make your calendar with the date of Friday, May 2nd when collection goes live on their site (psst, tomorrow is Friday, May 2nd).  And last but certainly not least: Shop, shop, shop!  These silhouettes are great basics for your wardrobe  and present a great versatility in color that you will be able to wear each piece for timeless seasons to come.  So what are you waiting for?  Hop to it!

Tres Bien 3 Tres Bien 1


Noir Kei Ninomiya Fall/Winter 13-14

IG & FB pic

  • Who’s the Designer: Kei Ninomiya from COMME des GARÇONS
  • What’s the inspiration:  In Ninomiya’s own words his inspiration was drawn from his want to, “fuse conflicting elements of organic and inorganic matter.”   His designs have always had a duality in their approach so it was no surprise that with this collection he utilized both warm and cold fabric textures with his choice to focus on handmade knits juxtaposed with laser cutting or incorporating this incredible knit fabrication interlaced with metal rings and drawing back to the the organic with a with biological motif.  
  • Why it’s relevant: New and innovative approaches to traditional fabrications is why style & fashion have a relevant purpose in all of our lives.  The idea of changing how we interpret a regular knit garment and manipulating the construction based on the point of view of drawing inspiration from nature is ground breaking.  Ninomiya is a bright shining star that reinforces the notion that “Art is Fashion & Fashion is Art”.  His approach to giving more depth to the technique of knitting based on the idea of “I see crows picking up wire or something on the ground to build their nests.  Like them, I thought I might make knits using odds and ends around me. I like to think of ideas to realize things that seem impossible.”  His knitting focused on geometric patterns of which he created his dresses and skirts based centrally on the idea of knitting the graphics three-dimensional based on the houndstooth pattern.
  • Where to wear it:  Everywhere, period. Kei Ninomiya’s collection is for the bold statement makers who appreciate fashion as a real artistic element.  After all, you know what my motto is –“Using fashion as armour to walk life’s runway”- and this collection just resonates that mantra so wear each piece with smize and werk that runway of life!

Noir 2 Noir 1 Noir 3



Male Crop Top: Rock or Stop?

Male Crop Top BoardThree years ago Kanye had the fashion web in a furry discussing his infamous wardrobe choice to wear a womenswear top from Celine’s fresh off the runway Spring/Summer 2011 runway.  This year rapper Kid Cudi follows in those same groundbreaking steps by wearing a male crop top for his performance at Coachella.

While many got angry at the idea of Kid Cudi wearing a male crop top with cut off jean shorts I believe he’s given way to the male crop top to become the next big trend.  Now don’t laugh, because many didn’t believe that meggings (men’s leggings) had any real life and now the likes of Shia LeBouf have been sporting this trend non-stop as of late.

Crop tops for men have been gaining life on the runway over the past few years.  Just as the midriff-baring top went high fashion for women receiving an update from designers like Proenza Schouler, Prada, and Topshop—younger eccentrics and established brands alike are re-imagining it for men.  Four years ago in Milan, over the top label Frankie Morello sent two versions of the abs-flashing top down the runway.  That same year, Calvin Klein showcased cutoff outerwear and cropped T-shirts stamped with the brand’s name.  Astrid Andersen followed suit the next year with her own cheeky cropped muscle tee and has started experimenting with it more over the past two seasons.  Other designers like Hood by Air, J.W. Anderson, and Sibling have been chiming in with their own inspirations and giving more life to this trend to transition from the body building muscle beach to the catwalk.  So what say you, is the male crop top a Rock it or Stop it?


Song For The Mute Fall/Winter 2014

Song for the Mute Board

  • Who’s the Designer: Melvin Tayana and Lyna Tyare are the design geniuses behind Australian luxury menswear brand Song for the Mute.
  • What’s the inspiration:  For their fall/winter collection titled, ‘GREY’ the duo build on the brand’s continued commitment of fabric driven garments.
  • Why it’s relevant: I must really sound like a broken record, but once again just in case you may have forgotten the other 100 times already said this: Fall/Winter 2014 is all about texture.  Tayana & Tyare focused on crafting garments from virgin alpaca/wool blends and further developed their paraffin and resin coated fabrics pushing the envelope in the construction to heighten the fabric texture.  In focusing on the fabric tactile to tell the story of the collection the duo keep the silhouette of the garments very clean and simple.  The shapes are  oversized and structured but with a streamlined, modern approach and is reminiscent of CDG.
  • Where to wear it:  This luxury menswear brand is not for the timid, unaware gent.  This collection should be worn by the likes of Ugo Mozie and Lupe Fiasco-who BTW just happens to be one who walked the final look down the runway at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Australia.  So in closing, if you are not dripping and oozing with personal confident swagger do not approach or attempt these looks because only bold stand out personalities can match the swagu these pieces are carrying!




Stock Mfg. Co: Revitalizing the meaning of ‘American Made’


What’s more rare than finding a piece from Givenchy’s Spring/Summer 1999 collection designed by the late Alexander McQueen?  An American brand that is designed, developed and produced all on American soil.

During a time where the apparel production landscape has seemed to become non-existent here in the United States and where the norm is to see a ‘Made in China’ label on the clothing sold in almost every store you enter, the meaning behind ‘American Made’ becomes less and less relevant.

Rather than be just another player in this cycle Stock Mfg. Co. took an entrepreneurial approach by creating and paving their own way.  This Chicago based clothing brand set out with the mission to design, develop and produce premium garments at an affordable price while at the same time aide to reviving American manufacturing.

The central hub of where their mantra comes to life is in their 45 year old apparel factory that is located on the west side of Chicago.  This Chicago mainstay is where they design and produce their high quality pieces while also partnering on collaboration projects titled “& Stock” with top industry talent and tastemakers such as specialty retailer, Bloomingdales.

They feature both menswear and womenswear that cater to the idea of casual chic.  The fabrications used in their collections are predominantly cotton based which just ooze relaxed comfort.  The silhouettes are very simple but with impeccable details.  With the transition into the fall season one of the biggest shifts you will see in both menswear and womenswear is the idea of ‘Comfortable Simplicity‘ where designers are taking a break from all of the color, print, and non-stop patterns of the last several seasons and opting for simple silhouettes while upping the ante in the details.

Pictured Above: Founders of Stock Mfg. Co Areill Ives, Jason Morgan, Tim Tierney, Jim Snediker, Mike Morarity (L to R)

Pictured Above: Founders of Stock Mfg. Co. (L to R) Areill Ives, Jason Morgan, Tim Tierney, Jim Snediker, Mike Morarity

So start your transition into fall with a local clothing brand that is revitalizing the meaning of ‘American Made’ apparel with their refreshing commitment to “not just producing our products in America, but to creating jobs and influencing the fashion world in a positive way. We are aiming to be a hub for American manufacturing, quality craftsmanship, and innovative collaboration.

Check out some of my favorite Stock Mfg. Co. pieces below and be sure to shop these pieces at their site www.stockmfg.

hats ties 8 5 42


#CSMTravels: Hong Kong Street Style Fashion

Since my first trip to Hong Kong back in October of 2011 I’ve been enthralled by the vibrant and unique self expression of it’s residents.   Hong Kong street style fashion has a very distinct and indescribable fashion aesthetic that could never be fully described with words.  Their fun usage of prints, fabrics, and silhouettes is not only fashion forward but epitomize CSM’s fashion mantra, “Using fashion as armour to walk life’s runway…”

It’s literally taken me 2 years to gain the courage to test out my very limited photography skills and ever since I joined, ‘Team i-Phone’ I’ve transitioned into a self proclaimed i-Phone-ographer.  While I don’t have any plans of transitioning into a street style i-Phone-ographer any day soon, it was definitely such a thrill to move from in front of the camera to behind it.

Check out my Hong Kong street style snaps:

9 8 7 6 5a 5 4 3 2 1




Menswear Spring 2014 Round-up!

Menswear trends for Spring 2014 are fairly clear cut: Prints, prints, prints oh and more Prints.  Prints littered the runways and ranged from a straightforward head to toe all-over-print to masterful layering that even the likes of Natalie Joos and Leandra Medine would be envious of.

Now that Frida Giannini has given us a masculine floral print-yes, flowers can have a masculine edge especially when it’s wrapped up and bundled in a relaxed slim fit silhouette.  Marc Jacobs and Vivienne Westwood play up this silhouette by channeling the classic shapes of the 1960’s.  Inspiration for their collection? John Draper (or Cher Horowitz’s daper love interest Christian).

Check out my favorite looks from the Menswear Spring 2014 shows:



Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs

Jil Sander

Jil Sander



Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood


*Photo Credit: Style.com


Homage to 2013 CFDA Award standouts!

Every year the Council of Fashion Designers of America honors the artistic design talent of the designers and editors of our most beloved brands.  This year’s winners are no stranger to the winner’s circle having won previous accolades from the CFDA but what’s really special is that many are past recipients of the coveted “Emerging Talent Award”.

So in honor of my favorite three designers who won big last night (Phillip Lim, Thom Browne & the dynamic design duo Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez), here is my homage of my favorite looks from their past and present collection:

Top L to R: Womenswear Award Winner-Proenza Schouler (SP/SU 2012); Menswear Award Winner-Thom Browne (SP/SU 2011); Accessory Award Winner-3.1 Philip Lim (SP/SU 2013)

Top L to R: Womenswear Award Winner-Proenza Schouler (SP/SU 2012); Menswear Award Winner-Thom Browne (SP/SU 2011); Accessory Award Winner-3.1 Philip Lim (SP/SU 2013)