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NYFW summed up with 5 key runway looks!

Zana Bayne Board

Zana Bayne shows us how to shed some clothing and show some skin while maintaining your fashion sense: be a little naughty, a little nice and anything but boring.

Thom Browne BoardThom Browne shows us that fashion should be fun and hey why not really a little colorful at the same time too right? Celebrate spring blooms with a kaleidoscope of colors all in full bloom (sorry, no pun intended)!

Rodarte BoardThe Rodarte duo serve up hand-painted lace, tulle, netting, and embroidery so pile it on! This season, romantic dressing can mean mesmerizing-ly messy, too.

Proenza Schouler BoardOn the fringes? Not according to Proenza Schouler, so this spring stop traffic with this “stringy” statement.

Oscar de la Renta BoardOscar de la Renta answers the classic question, “Who needs a gown?”  A crop top and ladylike skirt in wedgwood blue buffalo check will do the trick.  It’s the new evening loo, elegance doesn’t any get easier than this.








NYFW: Tia Cibani Spring/Summer 2015

Tia Cibani Board

  • Who’s the Designer:  The design genius behind this “voluminous” brand is Tia Cibani.
  • What’s the Inspiration:  In Cibani’s own words, “all-out ’70s,” channeling Bianca Jagger in Marrakech with a block-printed, light-as-air cotton dress bustled at the side to give it shape, and a fluffy, off-the-shoulder ruffled top worn with a pair of dark rose-printed satin trousers. 
  • Why it’s relevant:  While Cibani was thinking a lot about silhouette, color emerged as the season’s strongest suit. Dusty pinks, golds, and purples named after spices—turmeric, clove, cayenne, saffron—delivered the feeling of the era, especially when rendered in cupro-sateen or lamé. There were some utilitarian pieces that stood out as well, particularly a denim sleeveless coat dress, and a khaki chino skirt. Cibani likes to show lots of looks with lots of elements, which can cause confusion. But this time around, it all made sense.
  • Where to wear it:  Everywhere! This collection is especially perfect for all of my working girls.  After all isn’t the Mary Jane Manolo Blahnik of our dreams approps office attire that takes us right into Happy Hour?


NYFW: Novis Spring/Summer 2015

Novis Board

  • Who’s the Designer: Jordana Warmflash is the creative genius behind the emerging powerhouse designer label, Novis.
  • What’s the Inspiration:  Warmflash has an unbridled tendency towards utilizing color in a quirky and unconventional manner.  It’s no secret that she’s an art fanatic so it comes as no surprise that Tom Wesselelmann’s Pop Art paintings are the focal point inspiration for her spring/summer 2015 collection.
  • Why it’s relevant:  Key silhouettes that have been sprinkling the spring/summer 2015 runways this week were voluminous maxi skirts, lengthier culottes and statment making pullovers. 
  • Where to wear it:  Novis spring/summer 2015 is the perfect transitional collection to help make the change from winters’ brutual winds a little easier.  Afterall, doesn’t a fun Pop Art print or two put a smile on your face?


NYFW: Delpozo Fall/Winter 2014

Delpozo Board

  • Who’s the Designer: Delpozo’s creative director is Josep Font.  Brand was founded by Jesus del Pozo.
  • What’s the Inspiration:  Font drew inspiration for Delpozo’s fall collection from 2 sources, the work of Italian painter Duilio Barnabe, and the retro-futuristic novel, Logan’s Run by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson.
  • Why it’s relevant: Font set out on a mission to “create something unattached to the body that flows”.  He accomplished this by his impeccable attention to detail  as seen in  subtle bustles, added controlled volume in a stunning chiffon maxi skirt, and can we all just have a moment for Font’s continued usage of circular motifs with appliquéd holographic discs and delicate “tubular crinoline details” found on embellished evening gowns, which came in gorgeous color combinations?  Incredible texture, awe inducing attention to details, remarkable workmanship that blurred the lines between ready-to-wear and couture-I literally could go on but I’ll stop there.
  • Where to wear it: Because of Font’s masterful genius you can wear this collection anywhere.  These pieces are so well constructed with such meticulous detail that they are perfect for a luncheon as well as a red carpet.  Where them where you like, the lesson here is to just get your hands on a Delpozo piece at their Miami boutique and wear it everywhere!


NYFW: Proenza Schouler Fall/Winter 2014

Proenza Schouler Board

  • Who’s the Designer: Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez
  • What’s the Inspiration:  Building materials such as insulation as well as an installation of ceramist Ron Nagle’s work at the Venice Biennale.
  • Why it’s relevant: Stunning prints that give the illusion of rich texture.  Do I need to reiterate that the Fall 2014’s key trend is all about texture and lush fabrications?  Jack and Lazaro give us so much life with these impeccable prints and amazing tailoring.
  • Where to wear it: EVERYWHERE! Downtown chic? Check. City working girl? Check.  This is your uniform and what you need to be living in for Fall.  Go forth and buy now!


NYFW: Thom Browne Fall/Winter 2014

Thom Browne Board 1

  • Who’s the Designer: Thom Browne
  • What’s the Inspiration:  Browne draws inspiration from the relationship between church and Hollywood.  Heavily referencing the fact in which the church seeks from its faithful with its heady rituals.  For Thom Browne, fashion is the new church.
  • Why it’s relevant: Great trends we see emulated here that will remain relevant from Spring/Summer 2014 are overly exaggerated sleeves and A-line skirts.  Also, as if I need to say it again but texture and details are the key to Fall 2014.
  • Where to wear it: Not to be too obvious but church.  Don’t forget bible study is always held at Neiman’s shoe department every Friday afternoon, see you all there!

P.S. Because Thom Browne is  just sooo good I couldn’t help but showcase every single one of favorite looks from his presentation.  Enjoy!

Thom Browne Board 2



NYFW: Ostwald Helgason Fall/Winter 2014

Ostwald Helgason Board

  • Who’s the Designer: Susanne Ostwald and Ingvar Helgason
  • What’s the Inspiration:  Ostwald & Helgason were inspired simply by art for their debut runway show.  Not just any art but serious art by the likes of Anselm Kiefer, Joseph Beuys, Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol.
  • Why it’s relevant: High shine, iridescent sculptural fabrications in leather,  warm fuzzy faux-fur, and mixed in with deconstructed elements like the slashed shoulders were all key elements to defining a street chic brand that effortlessly channels downtown cool.
  • Where to wear it: Such a great collection of separates that offer an upteen amount of options so don’t be afraid to do so.  This collection is definitely the downtown working girl’s uniform so treat your office hallways as your personal runway and grab drinks at happy hour afterwards!


NYFW: Creatures of the Wind Fall/Winter 2014

Creatures of the Wind Board

  • Who’s the Designer: Shane Gabier and Christopher Peters 
  • What’s the Inspiration:  The dynamic design duo cited that their collection was inspired by “easy Eastern dress and non-Western patternmaking.” 
  • Why it’s relevant: Impeccable tailoring synthesized with believable contrast pattern mixing is when fashion reaches a transcendent level.  The design genius of Gabier and Peters gave us all of this and more.
  • Where to wear it: Elegant and effortless is the picture perfect combination that any girl can really believe in so embrace the amazingness of this collection and wear these great looks anywhere and everywhere!


NYFW: Alexander Wang Fall/Winter 2014

Alexander Wang Board

  • Who’s the Designer: Alexander Wang
  • What’s the Inspiration:  Wang drew inspiration from the idea of “Extreme conditions and Survival” and made references in his collection to hunting, mountain climbing, and other outdoor sports.  While this all sounds very rustic in and outdoorsy Wang’s collection definitely had clear urban edge.
  • Why it’s relevant: Texture, texture, texture! Wang offered great texture and fabric in stunning pops of color but can we discuss the footwear?  I can’t wait to snag a pair of those knee high riding boots to get me through the polar vortex that is a Chicago winter.
  • Where to wear it: Aside from the obvious, everywhere! Wang is a city girl’s dream come true and this collection delivers in all major arenas: Edgy, Comfy, Chic!


NYFW: Altuzarra Fall/Winter 2014

Altuzarra Board

  • Who’s the Designer: Joseph Altuzarra
  • What’s the Inspiration:  Altuzarra showcased his 5 year in a row at New York Fashion Week and did so in such a refined and thoughtful approach.  This collection resonated an appealing simplicity to his clothes—less fashion, and more style.
  • Why it’s relevant: Yves Saint Laurent said it best, “Fashions fade, style is eternal” enough said.
  • Where to wear it: This collection sang beautifully soothing sweet nothings to my closet.  One of my on-going resolutions is to build an impeccable and defining closet that tells the story of my style evolution and the double-face navy cashmere wrap coat with generous cobalt blue shawl collar that opened the show sang the most beautiful aria about how it belonged in my closet.  Altuzarra’s collection is the defining “closet builder”.  Any piece would increase your wardrobe stock by ten-fold so do not  waste any more time looking, just start adding!